How to Choose a Man’s Wedding Band

By Adam Wednesday 9th Nov, 2016

When it comes engagement and wedding rings gentleman tend to put a tonne of time thinking about his fiancé’s ring and forget that they need a wedding band too!

I spent so much time researching the engagement ring, a process that I’ve written about quite a lot, that I actually forgot about my own wedding ring. This doesn’t make huge sense given the fact you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life (hopefully!).


So, after going through it myself I wanted to outline some logical routes to take when making your decision.

  1. Metal Choice 

First thing I thought about when selecting the metal was my watch. Do you wear the same watch every day or do you have a general material that you work with for your timepieces? I wear rose gold plated watches, so when it came to matching my ring, my decision was made! Despite this, here are your choices:

Platinum is the most durable, rarest and almost never causes skin reactions. It’s also a little heavier than other options so might feel strange on your finger at first but a solid option. Perhaps the priciest too.


White-Gold is from the same family as platinum but is a cheaper option. It may need a refurb every few years whereas Platinum won’t, so keep that in mind.


Palladium is again similar to the first too but a step down in quality and cost. At a third of the price to Platinum it’s classy, dark grey shine, which you’ll struggle to find in other metals.

Silver the most common of all precious metals, easier to source and a lot cheaper to buy. I’d stay clear of this one or use it as a temporary option.

Yellow- Gold is the classic option giving off a warm glow. It’s durable and the most traditional option.


Rose-Gold (my recommendation) is less common and creates a vintage feel without being too try-hard. If you have a rose gold watch it’s a no-brainer.


2. Fit

The main choice to make is whether you want the edges of the ring straight or curved. I personally think a discreet curve is a bit more classic and will make for a better long term decision.

3. Width

You may think you have an idea in mind but the truth is you probably won’t know until you try a load on. I went to 77 Diamonds to get my wedding ring and spent half an hour trying on different band sizes. It’ll feel weird staring at the same finger for that amount of time but hopefully you’ll leave knowing which width you like.

Also wider rings tend to be more expensive based on the fact there’s more material. I personally prefer a mid-sized band that’s masculine without being too clumpy!


4. Finish

High-polish, matte or somewhere in the middle? This is one thing to consider but let your eye decide when you see the options in front of you.

5. Engraving & Detailing

Not particularly my cup of tea but these days you can add things like sapphire or diamonds if you want a bit more sparkle. A more common approach is to personalise the band with initials or names on the underside of the ring. With personalisation the choice is yours.

When it comes to where to go, all I can do is talk about my own personal experience but keep in mind that any jeweller will size for free and this step is a must because re-sizing costs money.

My ring came from 77 Diamonds, which is also where I went for the engagement ring. We went there off the back of a friend’s recommendation and learned that they were between 30-71% better value than the names you might have heard of including H.Samuel, Ernest Jones, Tiffany & co, De Beers and Boodles. Given how much weddings cost they are worth checking out!

In one sitting I managed to go through the decision process above, looked at various options and managed to choose my ring.

Whatever you decide, good luck chaps!