By Adam Friday 21st Nov, 2014
The not so Dapper Chapper things to avoid when it comes to your hair by Toni and Guy Stylist Luke Harris.
1. Great haircut, wrong head
A great haircut is all about suitability, not just slapping a haircut on your head. Going to see a great stylist will help to ensure you get a bespoke haircut that is tailored to your lifestyle, face and head shape. By doing this you will make sure the haircut you receive will not only look great but it will grow out better.
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2. Not getting the product right
Once you have a great haircut the product you use to define the style is crucial.When choosing a product for your hair look at the packaging, if the product description says high shine and a firm hold its probably going to be more of a wax, gel or pomade which is great for creating sleek, sharp shapes where as if the product is described as matte or dry it is going to be  more of a clay or paste that would be used to create more textured, lived in hairstyles.
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3. Not applying the product correctly
Having chosen your product applying it correctly will help you to get the most out of your hairstyle. My main tip would be less is more, time and time again I see guys that look as though they have had a bath in a tub of gel. With hair subtlety is key,be sure to use a small amount of product that has been well rubbed into the palms of your hands this will allow for the product to be easily distributed through the hair and not leave you looking like that lad with unbreakable hair at your year 7 school disco.
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4. Having the right tools
Having the right tools will help you create your desired style so much easier. A hair dryer is absolutely key even if your hair is short, it will allow you to not only dry your hair quicker but will also let you mould your hair into shape and control any unruly hair. My second must have tool would be a comb, it will allow you to put your hair into place with ease and allow you to do any touch ups throughout the day, trust me when I say investing in a decent hairdryer  and comb will be money extremely well spent when it comes to your hair.
My hairdryer of choice is a label m 220 watt hairdryer from www.labelm.co.uk and my comb of choice would be a label m anti static carbon cutting comb also available from www.labelm.co.uk.
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5. Using women’s shampoos and conditioners
Remember to use a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically made for men. The reason being these products will have ingredients in them that are specifically designed for men’s hair and are able to gently cleanse the hair of heavy hair waxes and pomades. A good example would be the Label Men daily cleanse shampoo which will rid the hair of any unwanted product build up whilst maintaining moisture and also the Label M peppermint treatment which stimulates the scalp to Encourage healthy hair growth.
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