Varsity Beard – Summer Solstice Beard Balm

By Adam Friday 4th Jul, 2014

Review by Gary Dennis @G_Dennis11 

Here at Dapper Chapper we have been trialing Summer Solstice Bear Balm by Varsity Beard. Arriving in simple, clean packaging, the Beard Balm is a little pot of intriguing wonderment. At first glance, upon removing the lid, it looks as this product will be a stiff, waxy substance.

However, once your scrape a small amount off using the back of your nail and rub it between your fingers, you can instantly tell that this product will be different. Working it through your beard is easy as the Beard Balm has an Argan oil base. Argan oil historically being a world-renowned product used in the skin and hair care industry because of its moisturising properties.

This leaves your beard feeling wonderfully soft and luxurious to touch as well as your skin feeling nourished. As a result you will also emanate a rich, masculine musk that will make those who smell it think that you are more manly than a Canadian lumberjack who eats steak for breakfast and washes it down with a nice hot glass of awesomeness.

We recommend using this Beard Balm as an alternative for people put off by the rigidity that some wax-based grooming products offer or for those who do not care for the greasy repercussions of some beard oils. This product can be found at priced at £10:00.

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Beard the best you can be. ~ Dapper Chapper.