By Gary Dennis Sunday 12th Apr, 2015

Here at Dapper Chapper, your bearded blogger has been trying out Beardilizer products. Beardilizer is a professionally formulated multivitamin facial hair formula and supplement. With beards being very much ‘in’ at the moment, there has been an increase of gentlemen banishing their Bic’s to the back of the bathroom cabinet and striving forth in all their bearded glory.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, once said ‘all men are created equal’. But here at Dapper Chapper we have a slightly different view. All men are indeed created equally, however, Mr Jefferson and his fellow founding fathers obviously never attempted to bust out a handlebar moustache or go full Grizzly Adams, as they would know that not everyone is blessed with the chance to grow a full, luscious beard.

This is where Beardilizer comes in. Beardilizer has been designed to give those who need that extra helping hand when growing their beard and also give existing beard wearers a fuller and stronger beard. The main product in helping you accomplish this is the ‘Facial Hear Complex’. This is a dietary supplement that needs to be taken three times a day with meals. The tablets are packed full of active ingredients; Fucus, Niacin and vitamins B1. B2, B6, B12, C which are all good for strengthening the facial hair system as well as hair, skin and nails, as long as a whole other host of vitamin and minerals. It is recommended to trail and intensive 10-day treatment of 3 capsules a day (with a healthy balanced lifestyle, of course) and you should visibly notice the benefits of Beardilizer that give you a fuller beard and also prevents itchiness and dryness whilst growing your beard out.


Also in the Beardilizler range, and that can be used as additional supplements are the ‘Growth Solution Spray’ and also ‘Conditioner and Softener Cream’. The 4oz spray can be used for those who do not want to be swallowing 3 pills a day but still want the added benefits. The Growth Solution Spray contains the similar multivitamin complex as the Facial Hair Complex capsules and can be applied when needed. Dapper Chapper advises in using it part of you daily morning grooming routine and also at night before you hit the hay, and work through the beard accordingly, either by spraying directly onto the bearded are (mind your mince pies!) or spraying on your hand and working through the beard.

We were very happy with the delicious aroma and the soothing qualities of the Conditioner and Softener Cream. Having a full beard, you should be moisturising your beard at least once a day to stop it from drying out and making your face feel itchy and irritated and this is a great addition to your morning routine. It also protects the beard hair from air pollution and sun damage.

We also trialled the Beardilizer Beard oils. The two varieties were; a classic ‘Gentleman Sandalwood’ for the sophisticated bearded Chapper, or for the more daring and manly mans-man ‘Dirty South Bacon’ which as the name suggests has a hint of a bacon aroma running through it (only to be worn by pure hunks of beefcake). Both were good quality beard oils and left the beard feeling silky smooth and incredibly shiny. The bacon flavour made us incredibly hungry.

Also in the beard oil range are Cherry Pipe Tobacco, Island Coconut Rum, Ol’ Cowboy Leather and Lumberjack Cedar Leaf.

Dapper Chapper would like to say that before you go ahead and purchase yourself some beard growth products that you go to the Beardilizer website to check that the ingredients that are incorporated in the formula. The last thing we would want is a fellow beard buddy falling ill, as good as beard are (like extremely good) no one wants to ruin their health from growing one.

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