Best Men’s Fragrances

By Phil Hawkins Wednesday 25th Mar, 2015

Making scents: John Varvatos

If you’re looking good, then it’s crucial you’re smelling good too, which is why we’ve been testing out signature fragrance; John Varvatos from John Varvatos.

Although the name is pretty un-imaginative, the smell is not. Modern, bold and sophisticated, this scent is ideal for the dapper gent. John Varvatos has been making waves in the US fashion world for the past 15 years, having plied his trade at Ralph Lauren, before going it alone in 1999. An expert in high-end accessories, this fragrance conveys the refinement and attention to detail present in all of John Varvatos’ creations but most importantly hangs around for a good few hours, helping you smell good and turn heads all night long.

Available for £45 from a wide range of stockists, it’s certainly one to consider when you’re next on the lookout for a new smell.