Braw Beard Oils Presents Battle Scar Moisturiser

By Alex Noble Monday 10th Apr, 2017

Chaps, a moment of your time if you please.

The moment is fast-approaching when we will once again despondently wave goodbye to the European ski season, and with it, mornings of meandering down stunning slopes, before an afternoon of emphatic and vibrant apre-ing. The whole palaver is a combination of activities that really does give your face a tough time, whether it’s by way of a wintry blizzard or champagne spray.

As I mentioned in Dapper Slope Style, one threshold that’s acceptable to cross whilst holidaying in areas of high altitude, is that of non-shaving. You know, the one where you embrace your inner man and see what you’ve got in terms of beard growing ability.

A side note: If you’ve ventured down the avenue of and booked one final ski trip before la neige melts, I can’t guarantee the process will be a fulfilling one (I’m actually talking about both the skiing and the facial hair growth – global warming is a pest). Some chaps simply aren’t blessed in the art of facial hair. Oh and by the way, it is an art.

Just like an artist requires a set of brushes, an easel and a palate, a gentleman seeking an accomplished beard also needs the correct apparatus. Enter Braw Beard Oils (BBO).

Grow a smashing clump of facial hair and you’ll soon discover that, just like dogs, beards are for life. Braw Beard Oils founder, John Jackson, believes that a lifetime dedicated to growing a full face of fuzz should be honoured with the best maintenance products, to ensure you can wear it with pride.

BBO’s entirely natural products are handmade in Scotland and offer a range of solutions that are as essential to facial hair maintenance, as a Bear Grylls Survival kit would have been to Robinson Crusoe. In short, they fit the bill.

Inspired through the works of Chinese medicine, Battle Scar Moisturiser is a product of alchemy from which John Jackson discovered an array of killer combos by mixing medicines with conditioner.

Whether you’re a week-day grafter who enjoys a weekend amble in the hills, or a work hard, play harder demon, the product caters for all lifestyles and for each stage of the beard growing journey.

Battle Scar moisturiser is extremely refreshing and the natural blend of aloe vera provides your skin and facial hair with essential moisture (you may say duh but how many moisturisers dry out when smothered over facial hair…lots is the answer).

Now, i’m very much a less is more kind of chap. And I must confess, I did find that with this product, rather a lot was needed to get the full moisturising effect. However if you ask me; would you run to the shops and buy it again? The answer would be yes. Although of course, I would never run down a busy street.

Gentlemen, gone are the days where we could demonstrate our masculinity and dominance by victory in a duel at dawn – this is now illegal. It’s time to start discovering your manhood using differing methodology and there’s no better way than avoiding a different, more modern, kind of blade.

We all like to think of ourselves as warriors, so trust me when I say, in the conflict of man Vs stubble irritation, there’s not many better allies than this fella.