Cellmen UltraCell Intensive

By Rashpal Amrit Sunday 22nd May, 2016

Cellmen is a luxury treatment designed exclusively for men’s skin. The Swiss brand has a strong international presence, stocked in the likes of New Yorks Saks Fifth Avenue. The product is relatively new to the UK, although it has a strong following and had rave reviews.

I tested the 12-day intensive treatment called Cellmen UltraCell Intensive.

So how does it work?
It re-energizes the skin using active stabilised bio-integral cells that work in harmony with our own skin cells. Resulting in detoxified, refined, and revitalised skin. The makers say with regular use of Cellmen, products can visibly improve the skin’s appearance and effectively delay the visible signs of ageing.

So how did I get on?
After the treatment I did notice a significant difference in my skin, it felt fresh and firm to the touch. I would recommend the treatment, although you need to stick with the 12-day course to really notice the results. As you can see from the packaging it’s like nothing else we have tested and definitely an alternative to a Skin Peel or more expensive options.

The Ultra Intensive set retails at £335 for 12 phials.


Rashpal Amrit
Twitter: Rashpal_Amrit