Colonia Club by Acqua Di Parma

By Adam Tuesday 15th Sep, 2015

We admit it, we’re complete suckers for anything new that Acqua di Parma release. The brand exudes luxury and class, combines tradition and modernity and when they talk we’re listening.

Inspired by equestrian sports, specifically the elegance and class of dressage is the newest addition to the Acqua di Parma range, Colonia Club.

Notes of lemon, mandarin and bergamot combine with lavender, geranium, neroli oil and freshness of mint, create a refreshing option. Woody accents of Haiti vetiver and other musky notes remind you that it is indeed Acqua di Parma.

We know presentation is paramount and of course Colonia Club follows suit in the traditional Art Deco bottle, but is coloured deep-green to draw subtle connotations of a freshly cut lawn ready for the action of the  elegant sport.

The Eau de Cologne is available in 100ml and 50ml & the scent has the usual supporting products (shampoo, shower gel, deodorant et al).

A product designed for sophisticated, well-cultured, elegant gentlemen it’s no surprise it receives five stars from the Dapper Chapper but it’s once again absolutely deserved.

50ml £57, 100ml £81 at Acqua di Parma