Cornerstone Grooming: The Morning Routine

By Joe Burns Monday 11th Sep, 2017

It was only a matter of time before Dapper Chapper and Cornerstone teamed up, so if you’ve been intrigued to see how the boxed shaving goods provider performs, read on and discover the Dapper Chapper Morning Routine.

First thing’s first, you’ve got to wake up – but don’t be lazy, never hit that snooze button, it only delays the inevitable and puts you in a sluggish mood from the get go. Instead, make sure that before you go to bed, you’ve set your alarm for the time you need; try a radio alarm for a more energised start to your day, or consider a gradual light alarm, something like the Lumie Light for example (read review here).

Next, choose your outfit for the day. We would suggest you did this the night before to save even more time in the morning, but if your taste changes like the wind or the weather’s not what you expected, then open the wardrobe and pick out a winner.

There’s no way better way to wake up than a revitalising shower if you’re still feeling sleepy, and if you really need to sharpen up, make it a cold one. It’s not for everyone but there’s a compelling argument that it can help kick-start your energy levels, increase testosterone production, and improve circulation.

Whether or not this is for you, we would suggest you end with some warm water on the face – it helps soften the skin and the whiskers on your face, and in preparation for the next step. Out come the Cornerstone products, starting with the pre-shave Face Scrub. Containing cedarwood and grains of volcanic sand, it lifts dead skin, unblocks pores, and helps to release ingrown hairs for a smoother shave. We suggest using this a couple times per week, so as not to irritate the skin too much on a regular basis.

The next step of your morning routine is arguably the most important.  Your overall appearance is built upon the finer details, including your facial hair, so skipping this will seriously impact on the impression you give off.

If you’re sporting a “designer-stubble” then great, clearly you can ignore this stage, but it’s imperative you’ve started this growth early on the weekend or on holiday – you wont get away with a semi-stubble, lazy look mid-week! For established facial hair, make sure it too is kept in check; use a beard-grooming tool or visit your barber regularly we’ve reviewed loads in the grooming section.

This shave phase shouldn’t be rushed, and that’s why the previous steps were detailed thoroughly and ideally should be prepared. Start with either the Cornerstone Shave Gel or Shave Cream; the latter produces a foaming lather, but both are formulated with natural ingredients such as ginger extract, willow bark, eucalyptus and bamboo to provide a smooth, irritation free shave for even sensitive skin.

With the right amount (not too much chaps!) of Shave Cream or Shave Gel massaged into your skin, you can now grab your Cornerstone razor and get busy. This new and improved razor is perfectly weighted so it’s easy to hold and allows for excellent control. We must take a moment to mention how good it looks too – chrome-plated, sleek, with small red details and a personal engraving, this really is one of the best looking cartridge razor handles available on the market today.

The razor blades themselves are German-engineered, use Japanese chromium steel, and have been developed with a diamond-grade carbon coating to stay sharper for longer. Cornerstone has listened to their customers, and has integrated a single trimmer blade at the rear of the cartridge for detailed edging of your sideburns or hard-to-get-to places like under the nose; on top of this, the main blades have been repositioned for reduced hair clogging.

When shaving, get to know the direction of the grain of your facial hair – hear us out on this; the hair on your face and neck grows in different directions, so by feeling for the grain, you can tell which way you need to move your razor. Always start by shaving with the direction of the hair, avoid the temptation of going against the grain for a closer shave, this will only promote in-grown hairs, not a great look. After the first pass, feel your skin and if you think it needs another going over, then at the most, shave perpendicular to the direction of the hair, and of course, make sure you have enough lubricating gel or cream.

Your face and neck will now be smooth and clean looking, ultimately giving you that professional, well-groomed look, but there are a couple more things to do to prolong your sharp image.

Now that you’ve removed those unsightly whiskers from your boat-race, you need to replenish the moisture that’s been stripped too. Apply some Cornerstone Post-Shave Balm to soothe your skin, and keep it looking supple and fresh. Mint and honey extracts have been blended to hydrate the skin and cool it down too, so this step is vital for a fully comfortable shave.

Finally, complete your bathroom routine, tame that mane, and adorn those fine garments before enjoying the most important meal of the day. You can now step out the door looking sharp, well looked after, and ready to boss the day ahead of you. We’d wish you good luck but you wont need it when you have a Dapper Chapper Morning Routine like this!

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