Diesel BAD Intense Review

By Adam Tuesday 3rd Oct, 2017

Launched this year, BAD Intense from Diesel is a punchy take on the already successful BAD fragrance. This is undeniably a masculine scent, and in our opinion, designed to make a statement, to get attention, and compliment a robust, edgy look.

If you’ve read some of our other recent fragrance reviews, you’ll have noticed that many have used fresh scents and some complex combinations of fruit, botanicals, spice, wood and musk. We have to say though, that BAD Intense has somewhat startled our senses.

It certainly packs a punch that develops and matures well over time. There’s an initial hit of bergamot, cardamom and pepper, which is powerful to say the least. Nutmeg and cinnamon continue the spicy journey although I have to say, it takes some time and consideration to appreciate this. Tobacco and woody notes are made more complex with yet more spicy additions to wrap up the bottom layer of this fragrance.

In all honesty, I was a bit taken aback by this on first application, but that may be down to using much more subtle scents of late. As we approach the cooler months and darker days, a bottle of BAD Intense will be more suited to a wardrobe of heavier garments.

After just a few minutes, the fragrance mellows on the skin, and becomes quite endearing. It’s billed as a dangerous and rebellious cologne ideal for those with seduction in mind, and I can kind of see where they’re coming from – this may well have the desired effect!

The bottle is interesting and stark – especially compared to slender, transparent vessels adorning my dresser at the moment. The design is simple but bold, using a completely opaque solid glass block to hold the parfum with a glossy leather texture on the exterior. This is well suited to the robust fragrance inside.

An interesting choice and one that pleasantly grew on me, worthy for a space in your collection perhaps for drinks after work or a date with a new conquest around the autumn months.

50ml Eau De Parfum available for around £45 online.