DORCO Razor Review

By Joe Burns Monday 31st Jul, 2017

OK, I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll admit, I was too – but the joke’s been done a thousand times, but really, how many more blades can they bunch together for the closest shave?

Well, I think it turns out it’s 7, and this razor from Dorco has been developed to do just that. I was skeptical at first but I’ve been using this for the last couple weeks and I’d like to think of myself as a fair judge – being that I’m not the beaded specimen I sometimes wish I was.

What we have here is a manual cartridge style razor similar to other well-known brands, but with a few key differences. Firstly, the name Dorco may not be so well known to you, but actually, they’ve been making sharp things for a very long time, over 60 years in fact – so they do know a thing or two about this game. Secondly, this razor has been designed to look and feel more luxurious in your bathroom cabinet. If you’ve outgrown the aggressive, angular, this-thing’s-powered-by-diesel aesthetic used by other razors on the market, then you may just appreciate the sleek and sophisticated styling of this piece.

Aside from the look, there are some beneficial additions too. A lubricating strip containing Argan Oil and Calendula extract helps sooth irritated skin and heal razor burn, and the blades are slimmer with an open structure so rinsing is easier and the edges stay sharper for longer.

Just in case you’re already using a Dorco razor, you can swap out the cartridges for others in the Pace range, but this latest iteration has placed the blades and narrower lubricating strip closer together for added precision, avoiding the need for a separate trimmer.

Whilst I’ll still keep my trusty double edged safety razor on hand at home, it’s nice to know I can keep the Dorco Classic for cleaning up my appearance down the gym, or have it on stand-by in my overnight bag for those spontaneous trips away.

You can order online now at with prices starting at £8.74.