Fragrances: Ferrari Man In Red

By Phil Hawkins Thursday 7th Apr, 2016

Looking good is nothing without smelling good, and what better inspiration for a fragrance than one of the most iconic, aspirational brands of all time- Ferrari.

We recently road tested ‘Man in Red’, Ferrari’s latest fragrant, and while you may be dubious that you might end up smelling like burnt rubber and petrol fumes, we can confirm that it is in fact an aftershave that perfectly encapsulates all that is great about the supercar manufacturer.

When you think of Ferrari, you think of sleek style, our power and the embodiment of masculinity and this does not disappoint.

Firstly the bottle is as expected, a modern glass design in matte red (of course), stamped with the classic horse logo. It’s a design perfectly fitting for a brand that makes some of the most sought over cars in the world, with the entire top used as a pump action for a wide spray.

Now to the important stuff, does it smell nice? The uniquely fresh fragrance has sweet and tender notes, with a distinctive signature easy on the nose. And while not being overly overpowering like some, importantly it retains its scent all day and accompanies any dapper style to a tee.

We tested the fragrance out over a few days and were impressed. It’s easily adaptable to both a day spray or for a night out, and has ideal fruity flavours just in time for the Spring/Summer season.

So, while you might not be able to own the real thing, if you want to smell like a Ferrari driver visit House of Fraser where ‘Man in Red’ is exclusively on sale £39.00 50ml, £52.00 100ml.