Acqua di Parma Colonia Review

By Joe Burns Monday 20th Nov, 2017

A fragrance that you are all likely to have seen before, or perhaps have owned, is this classic addition to any collection – Acqua Di Parma – Colonia. Housed in a no-nonsense but instantly recognisable golden yellow cylinder, with a sophisticated and clean looking bottle to match, this fragrance is all about subtlety and exquisite taste.

It’s a fragrance that many others often try to replicate, and for good reason. It really is a well established scent, first created as far back as 1916, and even after 101 years on our shelves amongst the competition, it’s still so highly regarded and respected.
The scent is fresh yet complex, with top notes of citrus and mint, heart notes of cinnamon and spice, and base notes of leather, wood, amber and Indian patchouli. Although there is a good strength to the base notes, and the grapefruit and mandarin top notes exhibit a delicate touch, Colonia is actually unisex. Much like other beautiful fragrances that she’ll love, it’s best to hide this one away safely or risk discovering an empty bottle.
As this is an Eau De Cologne, the fragrance isn’t a powerhouse of aroma and won’t last on your skin for the entire day. That said, even after an hour or two, it will mellow and develop, rising to the nose here and there for a pleasant reminder of it’s elegance and class. If you’re a hardcore lover of this scent though, Acqua Di Parma have also created additional products and variations of Colonia to compliment the original. Use the deodorant stick or aftershave balm with the same Colonia fragrance for a full face and body treat that you, and others, will never tire of.
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Eau De Cologne is available for around £66 for 50ml.