Terre d’Hermes – Dapper Chapper Fragrances

By Adam Thursday 7th Aug, 2014

Please put your hands together for Terre D’Hermes, the first fragrance to make it on the Dapper Chapper ‘want’ list. *applause*

Terre D’Hermes has been part of my grooming kit for about 5 years after I discovered the fragrance by unashamedly asking a complete stranger what aftershave he was wearing. I then stood awkwardly on the train next to this chap for five or so stops, but it was worth it.

Created by in-house Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena in 2006 we believe it is the epitome of a gentleman’s fragrance.

The fragrance has a vegetal, mineral, woody scent but it is hugely versatile. Thanks to its citrus woodsy notes, which consist of: orange, grapefruit and oak moss, the fragrance actually works across all seasons.

The semantics used by Hermes in their messaging actually gives you an idea of what type of fragrance it is: “Earth, water, air. Matter, fluid, scent. Terre d’Hermès is a crossing, a journey through the elements and their different strata, the story of a transformation, of a movement towards infinity.”

Hermes has created a narrative of alchemy: a journey through the elements of earth, air and water. An eau between earth and sky; built upon strength and poetry.

The scent is quite powerful which means it lasts longer than most of the other bottles in my grooming kit – a nice bonus.

The bottle is nice too ,resting on the orange “H” at its base with the architecture of glass that has ridges that are clear and yet soft to the touch. The bottle for Terre d’Hermès certainly keeps in tune with the perfume


Word of warning: If you wear it on a train expect to be approached by strangers.


Available from Harrods and all Hermès Boutiques nationwide. Visit Hermes

–          Terre d’Hermès Eau de toilette, natural spray    100 ml                    £76.00/€90.00

–          Terre d’Hermès Eau de toilette, natural spray     50 ml                      £54.00/€64.00

–          Terre d’Hermès After-shave lotion                           100 ml                    £50.00/€59.00

–          Terre d’Hermès All-over shower gel                         200 ml                   £27.00/€32.00

–          Terre d’Hermès Alcohol-free deodorant stick       75 ml                     £26.00/€31.00