Just For Men: A Day at the NFL

By Adam Tuesday 10th Oct, 2017

When it comes to grooming most men will agree that simple is best. Nobody wants to be wading through reams of information and instructions just to establish if that product is right for them. That’s where Just for Men hits the mark. 

From the box branding to the product application itself, it’s all with the minimum of fuss. It does what it says on the tin, giving men the freedom to look the way they want.

I was talked through the www.uk.justformen.com range in their JFM Barber Box at Wembley Stadium ahead of a recent NFL match. As official sponsors of the NFL, the leader in men’s hair care colour were on site to offer a hands on insight into their expert range of products. 

During our time in the box we had a chance to meet former Baltimore Ravens Offensive Tackle Jonathan Ogden. He talked us through what it was like to win the Super Bowl and his stories of the game were inspiring. What was really drummed home is the size of these guys, I’m 5’11 and let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t like to be sacked by this guy. Also in the picture is Ben from Twenty First Century Gent, so head over to his page to read his blog.

So, back to the products… from the Just For Men Original Formula, an easily applied shampoo that targets grey hairs and lasts up to eight weeks, to the comb in Just for Men Autostop and the brush applied Just for Men Moustache and Beard colour care, the range provides the complete package for any man looking for immediate colour changing results. 

This is truly a brand designed to cut out the confusion and deliver on it’s primary promise, to blend away grey hairs fast. With all products retailing at £9.29 or cheaper, the folk at Just for Men offer an effective and affordable range that can quickly become an essential part of your daily grooming routine. 

Thumbs up for any Dapper Chapper that’s decided they don’t want to go down the grey-gracefully route.

Visit : www.uk.justformen.com