By Joe Burns Wednesday 18th Oct, 2017

If you have slightly longer hair, you may often struggle with your regular styling product, and find that it just doesn’t go a long way, or at least not hold your style for long enough.

Recently, there has been an influx in salt sprays, designed to create extra volume in your hair and at the same time, promote shape and texture, ideal as a pre-styling step before you apply your chosen product.

L:A Bruket have developed this offering, which not only includes salt extracts from the Kattegatt Sea (yes, we had to look that up too, it’s near Denmark!) but there’s also cucumber added to help calm and nourish the scalp below.

We suggest a few sprays worked through clean and semi-dried hair with your fingers before you add your chosen styling product. This particular salt spray worked well but for the price we’d like to see something to set it apart from the growing market choice – perhaps a more sophisticated fragrance or interesting bottle design.

Available for £15 at shop-beast.com for 120ml.