By Adam Monday 16th Nov, 2015

A Dapper Chapper grooming round up of Label.Men is probably way overdue.  Not least because Label M introduced Label.Men as the official product to LC:M and, at the moment, sits at the forefront of men’s fashion.

The range incorporates the grooming range which has exclusive hair-building botanicals to help soothe the scalp, restore hair vitality and support healthy hair growth. It’s been formulated with the innovative Micronization technology (not 100% sure what that means) ensuring higher ingredient concentration for maximum penetration, the products are designed to deliver optimum performance and instant results – and that they do!

You may be familiar with the sleek black branding of these products, which have all received rave reviews, particularly the Matt Paste which is the no1 global best seller.:



But a new look range now integrates a far wider offering, including something for any chap, no matter what your hair challenge:

Sculpting Pomade 50ml £11.50: Classic water based pomade for controlled, elevated styles with adjustable hold and shine level. For high hold and low shine, apply to dry hair and for less hold and high shine, apply to wet hair.

Deconstructor 50ml £11.95: A versatile crème paste for lasting thickness and root lift, enabling you to model any style with lasting matt texture and separation.

Scalp Purifying Shampoo 250ml £9.95: This product recently won best new shampoo at the GQ Grooming Awards 2016 and is a gentle daily cleanser for all hair types with menthol scent to awaken your senses. Builds thickness and leaves the scalp toned, refreshed and flake free.

Grooming Cream 100ml £10.50: Lightweight versatile cream for natural definition and control. Builds thickness and texture when used on its own or as a pre-styling product.


Thickening Tonic 150ml £10.95 Unique gel to liquid formula builds thickness and definition, for big matt styles with firm hold. Apply to either wet or dry hair, building more layers for desired texture effect.

Max Wax 50ml £11.95 A wax which creates definition and control, with all day strong hold with shine even to the most unruly of hair.

Scalp Tonic 150ml £10.95 A soothing vitamin and mineral blend acts as a powerful antioxidant to maintain scalp health and stimulate healthy hair growth whilst infusing with a refreshing long-lasting scent.

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