Mankind & GQ Collaborate to Create the Ultimate Grooming Set

By Joe Burns Wednesday 8th Nov, 2017

Is your bathroom cabinet looking a bit dull at the moment? Are you using the same old products since your teenage years? Maybe you’ve experimented along the way, you’ve progressed from wet look gel to a pomade, and begun to dabble with night-time moisturisers? The ever growing grooming world can be daunting, but thanks to Mankind, purveyors of top-notch grooming goods, and a little publication you may have heard of before, GQ, you’re in luck…

They’ve teamed up to provide you with a carefully hand-picked selection of bathroom essentials, to make you look the best you can. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between luxury and a waste of hard earned cash, but for £100, this selection box is simply incredible value for such high-end products. Forget about the Christmas chocolate selection box you’re used to, you’re a grown up now, and you need this on your list.

So whats in the box? Well theres everything from face cleansers, toothpaste, moisturisers, hair clay and hand cream, 12 full size products to reinvigorate your morning, and night time grooming regime. There’s a mixture of items from brands you’ll know and love, and others you may never have heard of yet, but either way, you’ll definitely love using them all, and you’ll look great for it too.

First up in this grooming arsenal, is the Clinique For Men Face Scrub, an exfoliating cleanser designed to clear your pores and clear aware dead skin and dirt, a great way to freshen up your appearance.

Follow this up with the highly acclaimed Lab Series Pro LS Face Treatment – a deeply moisturising, repairing treatment ideal for replenishing the skin after the face scrub.

For the days you’re not exfoliating, use the award winning Moor Mud Cream Cleanser from Omorovicza based in Budapest, a luxurious way to cleanse your skin and shrink the pores.

Then, keep your oral hygiene in check and freshen up your breath with the ever popular Marvis strong mint toothpaste. A regular feature on the socials at the moment, and for good reason too.

For the shower, there’s the Exfoliating and Cleansing Bar by Anthon, a product that’s great for travelling too, and for your hair, the Korres Magnesium and Wheat Proteins shampoo, well made with fantastic ingredients designed to strengthen and nourish your locks.

To tame that mane of yours, use the Men-U Clay, a medium hold product which like all of the Men-U range, features carefully chosen ingredients with a no-nonsense approach.

Need to brighten tired looking eyes? The Refinery’s Eye Gel, a favourite of ours, is next on the agenda, and it’s ideal to keep in your bag or on your desk at work.

Aside from the creams, lotions and potions is the lovely ivory razor by Gentlemen’s Tonic, beautifully designed and a real classic addition to your wash bag. For a smooth shave, match this up with the Jack Black Beard Lube, a popular product you’re sure to have seen on all the socials but one that has substance as well as style.

For the evening, a great way to keep those wrinkles at bay is the La Potion Infinite anti-age cream by Argentum, perhaps a lesser known brand to some but one we’ve loved using lately.

Last but by no means least, keep your mitts moisturised and soft this winter with the Ritual of Samurai Hand Lotion by Rituals, a luxurious product to wrap up this excellently curated list of essentials.

We’re pretty confident you’ll love this box just as much as we did, and we still can’t get over that price! But if you’re already sure you can’t improve on your choice of skin care and hair care products, and you’re not in the slightest bit intrigued to try something new, then why not treat someone else who deserves this treasure chest of goodness! Head over to for more info or explore what else is on offer.