men-ü Shave/Facial Essential Kit Review

By Joe Burns Tuesday 19th Sep, 2017

men-ü reached out to us to get our thoughts on their shave/facial essential kit, so it’s only right that we pass on our findings to you.

Their kit is made up of a “Healthy Facial Wash”,  “Shave Crème”, “Facial Moisturiser Lift” and “Matt Skin Refresh Gel” combined with a “Pro Black Shaving Brush”.

The theory behind men-ü products is that they’re all high-concentrate, so a little goes a long way, and therefore the tubes and bottles can be kept smaller and more compact ideal for travelling or keeping in gym bags etc. As well as this, they claim to use quality, revolutionary ingredients for high performance results. I’ve been testing the products to see how they perform, on their own and combined as men-ü suggest.

Healthy Facial Wash:

This is soap-free and is said to contain a high concentration of tea tree oil as well as other natural ingredients for antibacterial, astringent properties. The miniature size of the tube made me question the claim that it’s good for 30 washes, but actually, I can see that a pea sized amount would work well enough. When using it though, I didn’t find it to be anything mind-blowing, it cleans your face and washes off easily enough, so in summary it does what it’s supposed to.

Shave Crème:

Having learnt from the last step, I used only a small amount of the shave crème and rubbed this directly into my face – I opted to skip the brush to see how well it lathers up without agitation from a brush. Once again, the super-concentration of this formula meant a little amount did easily cover my face with ample lubrication for shaving.

Facial Moisturiser Lift:

The kit suggests using this last, but seeing as I needed moisture replenishment after shaving it personally seems instinctive to use this straight after shaving, so that’s what I did! I must say that the scent is not great – it reminded me of a hotel bar of soap, nothing special at all – and it does feel quite thin on application. The mint and menthol ingredients were a bit surprising around the eyes so perhaps I’d skip this and use one of my own moisturiser choices.

Matte Skin Refresh Gel:

This is an anti-shine and fragrance free toner gel, but I always take the “anti-shine” phrase with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately for me, and many of you, I’m prone to a shiny T-Zone, so I’ve tried many anti-shine solutions over the years. Perhaps my skin is unique, but it didn’t respond well to this, I found it had virtually no effect. That being said, I could potentially keep this as a suitable toner around the sides of the eyes and temples.

Pro Black Shaving Brush:

For some of you, a shaving brush is something you’ve never thought necessary, but I’ve been using one for years and I love how it lathers a shave crème or soap. This synthetic bristle brush works well, much like other synthetic options. Rather than using badger hair that expands and contracts depending on moisture retention, which therefore can lead to bristle loss, synthetic hair remains uniform and can also be cleaned easier, so it’s more hygienic too.

Overall, the men-ü Shave/Facial Kit has some good items included, that may be ideal for your gym bag or a travel bag as they take up barely any space. Some products don’t seem to work for me, but they may work wonders for you. It’s worth a punt getting a kit like this to try out what’s on offer, and if nothing else, you’ve always bagged yourself a shave-brush.

The 15ml tubes can be purchased from £3.50 and the brush retails at £26.95 at men-ü