Men’s Hair: Whats Next?

By Luke Harris Thursday 5th May, 2016

We speak to our Award winning Hair Stylist Luke Harris, about what’s next with men’s hair:

After the mass exodus of guys moving away from top knots, skin fades and Victorian beards I’ve had a lot of guys asking me whats next?

Here’s your key words; Length & Texture.

Its gotta be the next step after the last few years of guys going in hard with severe skin fades, burned in partings and perfectly polished quiffs its the natural progression.

Now it’s time to get a little bit more length into your hair along with a little more texture into your cut. Not to say we all have to become members of a Def Leopard tribute band and learn how to smash out some serious air guitar but a bit of length and messiness will go a massive way to upgrading your look.

Here’s a few examples of what to go for the next time you need to get your barnet trimmed:

The ‘Slightly lived, slightly longer version’

hair q

This is a great example from Burberry at LC:M of the ‘next step’ for a lot of guys out there. Just grow your clippered sides out for a couple of months, use a slightly lighter, dryer product (label.m Texturising Volume Spray is a cracker) rub your head on a pillow and your done, instant winner.

The ‘Embrace your natural texture’

hair 2

A bit of effortless cool right here, perfect if you wanna have that real ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude towards your hair. Let that hair fall more forward onto your face whack a light product through damp hair to help bring out your hairs natural texture (Label.M Souffle….try it once you wont go back) and use your hands to scrunch the hair dry. Great texture, great hair in about 2 minutes.

The ‘Rolling Stone’

hair 3

The 1960’s in ‘Swinging London’… it doesn’t get any cooler. Cue boys treading the runways with disheveled textured mops worn with a ton of rock and roll attitude. This is a brilliant look if your wanting to go full tilt and grow your hair right out. The key to this look really is keeping your hair dirty so get to know the magic of a decent dry shampoo. Label.m do a great one for dark or light hair, or grab one of your missus’s (or mum’s.)

The ‘dare i say 90’s curtains…ish’

Don’t get put off by the whole curtains thing. Think Jonny Depp. If you fancy a bit of this, grow a bit of length on top and let it fall naturally forward with a bit of grease ( sculpting pomade) in it or if you’ve been stuck in that ‘perfectly polished quiff’ thing i was talking about earlier this is your next thing, you’ve got the length already just use a bit less product and let the hair loosen up throughout the day.