MistR – Your cologne whenever you need it

By Adam Monday 7th Dec, 2015

Chaps, we want to tell you about a new brand that launched in November developed by three dapper chappers based down under in Aus.

In a world where products are made to make our lives simpler MistR is the first refillable, portable card sized cologne atomiser.

By using a completely innovative and functional design, the chaps at Mistr have created a high quality and beautifully designed product designed for the active dapper professional.

7mm at its thickest, MistR was created to be kept in the card slot of wallets or carried independely in pockets or bags. The slender stainless steel does not alter the smell, protects the fragrance, is highly durable and also aestetically looks pretty appealing.

The refill process is easy to complete plugging strsight into your cologn bottle by removing the cap and attaching your MistR. You don’t really feel it in your pocket at a neglilbe weight of fewer than 60 grams means MistR is essentially unnoticiable in your everyday carry.

After 12 months of development it’s manufactured in Australia from environmentally conscious materials. At the moment it’s available on Kickstarter for $33 with an RRP of $39.

Visit www.themistr.com & Join their Kickstarter journey here