No Gunk, Just Funk

By Alex Noble Thursday 4th Jan, 2018

How many of us get stuck in a style rut?

Whether it’s refusing to branch out on a new brand of jeans, or sticking to the same cologne, we remain loyal because we know they’re a safe bet.

Personally, I believe we should all learn to take risks from time to time and mix up the brands and types of products we use…who knows, you may find an even more preferable alternative to your go-to.

Let’s take male hair products as an example.

During the 90s, a large proportion of males would use hair gel but let’s face it, the stuff made your barnet rock solid in under a minute and thus chaps soon realised it wasn’t the right way to go.

As the years rolled on and new types of product entered the market, gel disappeared and textured products came to the fore – waxes, pastes, sprays, you name it, it was tried.

Nowadays, it’s a lottery and a case of buy and try and hope it works…So, I thought I’d practice what I preach and give a new brand a try.

No Gunk products are entirely natural and ensured my hair and beard remained moist and full of nutrients, without the clumpiness of a hair wax, or greasiness of gel. 

So, a success then?

Well, the beard oil is fantastic in providing a smoothness to stubble, but I would certainly advise only using a small amount as a little goes a long way with this stuff!

The hair styling funk, although great for shaping, didn’t suit my hair as it’s quite fine. Thus, I’d only advise this on thicker hair, as the product will likely be too heavy.

Not only do No Gunk provide great products, they also have a fantastic brand ethos. Led by their enthusiastic founder, they genuinely try and make a difference to male grooming, providing hair products that don’t contain nasty chemicals. It’s all about No Gunk, Just Funk.

Chaps, check them out.