Pall Mall Barbers Grooming Range

By Phil Hawkins Tuesday 13th Oct, 2015

Sir Mortimer Wheeler is a name you may not be familiar with. He has never featured in GQ and he has never had a Twitter account, but what he did have in abundance was style. Recognised by many as one of the most important British archaeologists of all time, Wheeler was a truly dapper gent. He would sport perfectly tailored Savile Row suits and a finely manicured moustache as he scoured the world for ancient remains. The purpose of this history lesson is that there is one crucial reason Wheeler was so well-groomed. Directly below where the real life Indiana Jones used to rest his weary feet after a long day’s excavation sits one of London’s finest male grooming establishments, Pall Mall Barbers.

In 1896, Pall Mall Barbers set up shop just off Trafalgar Square at No. 27 Whitcomb Street, and its staff have been keeping the dapper London gent well looked after ever since. While retaining its traditional feel, the shop has been extensively refitted over the years to make it one of the most modern barbers in London and as a good friend of the company we were lucky enough to try out their shampoo, conditioner and beard oil recently.

Pall Mall’s shampoo prides itself as a deep nourishing treatment with vitamin E, Argan oil and essential fatty acids. This shampoo helps keep dandruff and itchy scalps at bay and with a pump action sleek silver bottle that makes you feel like you’re in your very own salon, we were impressed.

Once you’ve shampooed the next job is to condition, which is where Pall Mall’s powerful Argan enriched conditioner comes in. This conditioner was designed specially to improve shine and strength of the hair, and we couldn’t complain with the results.

The last product we tested was the Sandalwood and Clove Bear Oil. Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oils combine to protect and moisturise the skin, but also soften and condition your much loved beard. The results were as expected, leaving us with the softest facial hair, the sweet scent of Sandalwood, and the warm feeling inside that we are maybe ever so slightly like Sir Mortimer Wheeler.

Available in store or online at Pall Mall Barbers firmly gets the Dapper Chapper nod with our freshly shampooed and conditioned head.

  • Pall Mall Shampoo-    £12
  • Pall Mall Conditioner- £12
  • Pall Mall Beard Oil-     £27