Patrick’s M2 Pomade

By Joe Burns Thursday 28th Sep, 2017

Hair styling has come a hell of a long way since the days of wet-look gel, and we are very happy about that!

As time passes, more and more options become available to us to cater to the ever-changing styles that come in and out of fashion.

Patrick’s have been very busy indeed, spending years developing their range, and in short, the results show their hard work has paid off. In actual fact we’re not the first to say this, as they’ve been getting huge praise from lots of other people including industry experts and popular stylists alike.

This “M2” pomade is of the medium-hold, matte finish variety, and using it is just as great as the results it gives. Housed in a hard plastic case with unique opening mechanism, the first thing we noticed was how next-level the attention to detail is. I’m not sure I’ll want to go back to just opening a tin now! Following on from the container is the scent. This smells beautiful, with a subtle sandalwood fragrance that compliment the sophisticated image this already has. Fear not though, this wont overpower your other scented products or the cologne you choose.

Utilising natural red clover extract and select laboratory ingredients, this so called Patrick’s Recovery Compound actually works to build stronger hair follicles, promote hair growth, soothe the scalp and reduce hair loss. If you’re concerned about the health of your hair then this is a fantastic choice of styling product.

It may be a tad pricey, but the oft’ used adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here, and we’re confident you’ll agree. This particular pomade, as described, is medium hold. I have a shorter hair style so this worked well for me – much longer, heavier looks may need something with more hold, so the M3 choice would suit better. If you’re keen on a ‘no-product’ look or have thinner hair, the M1 would be the way to go. Finally, for a gentle shine with medium hold, the S2 option is available.

Patrick’s have developed what is in my opinion an advanced hair styling product surpassing many other options out there, essentially making your choice easier. Competitors have a lot of catching up to do.

M2 and the other Patrick’s styling products can be purchased for £38 from