Penhaligon’s Bayolea Review

By Tom Jones Friday 19th Sep, 2014

is a just one of the multiple brands of the English fragrance powerhouse that is Penhaligon’s. ‘Wow, Penhaligon’s!’ I hear you say. Swiftly followed by ‘Who are they?’ They, as it happens, are by appointment to both the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. As you can see above, as ‘Manufacturers of Toilet Requisites’.

Penhaligon’s has been established since 1872 by William Penhaligon’s, the brand has managed to keep the essence of those times, undiluted by fashions or trends. They still use the finest ingredients that made them famous at the outset, their boldest claim being the use of ‘jasmine at twice the price of gold.’ What s also interesting is that some of the scents have been continuing since 1927, with just slight tweaks – this shows the commitment to tradition and their origins that define the Penhaligon’s brand.

is one of those such ‘classics from the archive’ of Penhaligon. The  scent is complex, getting heavier the longer you smell it. It starts out, in fact, rather zingy and fresh to start with, almost citrusy – the tone then sinks into the heavier tones of black pepper. However, throughout it maintains an earthy tone that doesn’t quite define the scent, but stays throughout and stops it being just too light. In fact, I would almost go so far as to say that it is this subtle tone that defines it as a traditional men’s fragrance.

is extended across a wide range of products. Several of these offer a fantastic cleansing effect; the facial wash, for instance, leaves your face feeling tingling and fresh; perfect for a summer’s morning, or indeed for a refreshment after a heavy night! The clay mask that Penhaligon’s produces is a revelation; it far supersedes any packet clay mask that is available, and is among the best on the market; it leaves the skin feeling stripped, but in a good way – it strips off the dead skin cells but not aggressively, in a smooth way. There is no initial burn. The soothing gel is also a fantastic product; it cools as well as aloe vera, which is no mean feat! However, it has another bonus; there is no residue. Often after shaving one can feel a film stick to the skin, clinging, slimy. It’s an awful feeling, which is obvious to everyone as you spend all day scratching at your face trying to claw it off, which does your skin no good at all of course!

The  range would be a nice addition to any collection that would provide a fantastic alternative to any man’s usual products. It gives a fantastic complexity that most aftershaves lack. That should be enough alone to justify its place amongst your collection, not to mention the huge history that the brand possesses in a single fragrance.

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