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By Adam Sunday 10th Aug, 2014

Entry by Phil Hawkins

I can’t say I’m a fan of change. Who is? It’s the fear of the unknown and a worrying prospect with all manner of outcomes. So, when a new set of grooming products came our way from The Gentle-Man range, I have to admit that I looked upon them with a combination of fear and loathing at having to break away from my normal routine, but, unlike Johnny Depp in Las Vegas, this story has a much happier outcome.

Established in 2013, the ‘’Great British Product’Gentle-Man range is a new selection of men’s grooming products to hit the shelves. As a brand that prides itself on catering towards true Gents, it was unsurprising that they soon came to Dapper Chapper’s door with three products to trial including an aftershave, body wash and shaving foam. Here’s how we got on.


Jolly Stimulating Black Pepper Body Wash

It’s funny how as you get older, different things can get you excited. Whereas the 17 year old me was big into sneaking into pubs and Lynx Africa, now I find myself over the moon at a gift of a decent shower gel. Whether it be a menthol variety that gets you tingling in places you didn’t know could tingle, or a an upmarket spiced choice, it all adds to that ultimate aroma of ‘me’.  The Gentle-Man range has three varieties on offer, and we were lucky enough to test drive the Black Pepper Body Wash. Any good chef will tell you seasoning is the most crucial part to fine tuning your food, and when you consider yourself ‘a bit of a dish’as I do, this shower gel is perfect. It came out the bottle at a rapid pace, but it just meant for extra lathering so wasn’t unwelcome in any way, and the spiced peppery tones made me smell good, which I guess is the whole point, so the box is firmly ticked. £13

Aloe Sweet Cheeks Lemon Grass Shave Cream

Shave cream is an interesting product to test for a man with a beard, granted, but if you’re a dapper man sporting facial hair then you’ll know better than anyone that shaving is actually pretty crucial. No one likes a hairy unkempt neck under a nice neat beard, and as it’s widely known that round the Adam’s apple is the most irritable place to shave, this was the ideal area to test the Gentle-Man Shave Cream out. There’s a bit of science behind this product, in which Shea Butter is infused with the cream to create a barrier to protect your skin while allowing the razor access to the hairs, making for the cleanest of shaves. Plus, the addition of scented oils and Aloe Vera leaves you irritation free, unless you’re watching Phil Neville and Rio Ferdinand on Match of the Day…that it can’t help. £15

gentleman shave_cream

Gentle-Man Eau de Toilette

Probably the biggest step for me in life is to venture into a new cologne. For some it’s buying a house or starting a new job, butfor me it’s smelling slightly different from one day to the next. I have an aftershave that I’m perfectly comfortable with, so this needed to impress andfortunately I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a man who likes manly smells..think Aramis or Old Spice, and this ticks that box but with slightly less coughing and spluttering that the latter can sometimes ensue. The Gentle-Man cologne – a complex blend of basil and cardamom combined with citrus notes of bergamot and lemon, rising above the woody undertones of teak and vetiver -happily lingered around most of the day after just a few blasts round the neck and wrists. It’s a good addition to the aftershave collection and one you can feel will keep you a whiff above the rest.£30

gentle eau_de_toilette_no_tube

We were also sent:

–       Frightfully Fresh Pomegranate Face Wash – Pomegranate

–       Rather Splendid Sandlewood Body Wash

–       Decidedly invigorating Peppermint Body wash

–       Highly Hydrating Daily Moisturiser

–       Super Soothing Post Shave Balm

gnetleman 2

The Gentle- Man range is available to buy from Harvey Nichols. You’d expect nothing less.

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