Geo F. Trumper – Dapper Chapper Grooming

By Adam Sunday 17th Aug, 2014

Entry by Tom Jones

Geo F. Trumper is one of those quiet brands, true British brands. They don’t shout about themselves. They don’t do a lot of advertising. What they do, and what they’ve done for a long time now, is make fantastic grooming kits.


There is very little in the grooming market that Geo F. Trumper doesn’t make. From Colognes to wetpacks, shaving brushes to mustache waxes, they’ve got pretty much all bases covered. Begun in the late 19th century in Mayfair, G.F.T. is about as English as a business can get. It still owns and operates two barbers in London which maintain the heritage by maintaining mahogany cubicles and glass display cases.

Amongst its ranges of Colognes are a few called ‘Wellington, ‘Marlborough’ and ‘Curzon’. This, then, is a company as British as they come – almost painfully so! G.F.T maintains this English heritage throughout its products – everything is presented simply. Even down to the packaging, there isn’t much excess or trumpery (ironically) about this firm – it makes a change from the modern cult of bombarding television and the airwaves with slick adverts and the focus on what packaging the product comes in.

One product in particular I enjoyed was the shaving cream. I usually struggle to find shaving creams, as I don’t grow a great deal of facial hair but I also have sensitive skin. Whilst you probably didn’t need to know that, it does make a difference to how I review products; they have to provide a close shave and keep my skin from drying out at the same time. This, unfortunately, is harder than it sounds and I’ve often been left between the choice of going out with red, dried out skin or with ridiculous patchy facial hair. Luckily, I did not have to face this with G.F.T – happily I managed to get both!

geo 1

G.F.T’s fantastic shaving cream provided me with both a long lasting and close shave, whilst leaving my face feeling refreshed for a number of hours afterwards. Although initially greasy, one the cream is absorbed by your skin your face feels like it’s had a good scrub followed by a good dose of moisturiser and it feels like this for some time.

As well as leaving your face feeling good, it also smells great. The cream isn’t strongly perfumed but there is a distinctive and subtle scent that is very pleasant; it has hints of sandalwood, one of my favourite fragrances, and doesn’t smell industrial, which many creams do these days.

So, Geo F. Trumper is a great brand. There is a real heritage to it, which is reflected in the quality of their products. Simply by using the firm’s products you feel connected to the rich history of barbers and perfumers that were once so prevalent across Britain; not only that, but by buying these products you are helping to keep not one, but two historic barbershops open!

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