By Gary Dennis Friday 17th Oct, 2014

This week Dapper Chapper took a trip back to our friends at Ruffians Barber Shop, in the heart of Soho, for a ‘beard tidy’.

Before we go any further we must confess that the beard in question was long and straggly and left unkempt for a few weeks – just so that we could enjoy the experience to the fullest.

After a warm greeting, we were led to a waiting area where a selection of drinks were offered (DC opted for sealed milk bottle full of water, complete with a handy straw). From there the beard stylist, Richard, carried out an in-depth consultation, checking both the direction of beard growth and the texture.

Ruff 1

I was then reclined in a comfortable old-style barber’s chair and the stylist then proceeded to start on the most bulbous part of the beard, in this instance it was the cheeks. The stylist trimmed these using a comb and clippers. The length on the neckline was left but neatened with scissors, so that the volume remained but at the same time giving a clean, defined look.
The moustache zone for this particular beard was a slight problem area so the stylist took this on board and acted accordingly, all the while explaining what he was doing and why he was doing it, which was thoroughly refreshing to be put at ease.

We were then cleaned with what can only be described as small, soft suction device or ‘face-Hoover’ if you will. This made sure that the rouge trimmed hairs were not all over the face.

Having now been moved from a horizontal position to a more vertical bearing, we were now on to beard maintenance and styling. Firstly, a hot towel infused with Bergamot was wrapped round the face for a few minutes. Bergamot being both a decongestant and an antiseptic, aids in cleaning the pores and clearing the airways for the skin.

ruff 2

We are then treated to Apothecary 87 beard oil which is worked through the length of the beard to give the beard a glossy look. Finally, a touch if sandalwood moustache wax to give the moustache hold and a bit of a twizzle and we are done. A happy customer with a happy, fresh beard.

This full treatment was £30 and lasted around 30 minutes (obviously depending how big your beard is). Dapper Chapper would recommend this if you are after some expert care or if you would just rather have friendly and experienced stylists trim your beard for you.

Alternatively, if you need a quick trim before a night out Ruffians are now promoting a 15 minute tidy for £15. Ideal for those bearded Chappers on the go.

Beard the best you can be,
Dapper Chapper

Twitter: @ruffians