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By Adam Sunday 1st Jun, 2014

Our bearded Chapper Gary Dennis tells us how to love your beard.

Beards. Men have grown them since the beginning of time. The Ancient Greeks. Vikings. Chuck Norris. Even Eurovision winners. But a man is not defined on how he grows his beard but upon how best he cares for his beard.

Here at Dapper Chapper we have tested some beard grooming products to advise our beautiful bearded followers (and also our shaven followers thinking of venturing in to uncharted beard territory) how best to look after and style your beard.

First up, Beard Oil. Beard oil is essential for any man who is looking to grow a long luxurious beard but wants to keep the hair feel dry or brittle whilst still keeping it smooth and Itch-free. We have tried ‘Men Rock Beard Oil 30ml’. We find it to be a great product which smells fantastic, containing jojoba oil, peppercorns and a cardamom pod. A small amount should be applied daily and worked through the beard. We did this as part our nightly routine.






Next, for those who want to give their facial accessory a bit of panache, we recommend moustache wax. A favourite of Dick Dastardly and Salvaor Dali, who I am sure you will agree are everyone’s favourite childhood heroes. Moustache wax gives the beard wearer the ability to stamp the beard with it’s own individuality because what’s more Dapper than standing out In the crowd. We trailed Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax (£9.00). Now for £9.00 for just 15ml you may think that this isn’t great value, but trust us when we say that a little of this waxy goodness goes a long way. Only a small amount it needed to make you in to the Dapper Chapper that you deserve to be. It gives a great hold and with a little added twist on the ends of the ‘tache can elevate you from lowly shunner of razor blades to an immortal Zeus-like deity.



beard 2


Remember, a beard is not something that you grow; it is something that you live. Something that is a part of you. Wear it with pride. Beard the best you can be.


~ With honour, Dapper Chapper.