The Old Street Barber Co.

By Gary Dennis Friday 23rd Oct, 2015

Your Dapper Chapper beard blogger is writing to tell you about products made by The Old Street Barber Co. This is a brand that is passionate about making quality grooming products for men. They have evolved from the early day of just distributing beard oils, right through to having available an extensive range of various grooming products such hair styling products, moustache waxes and combs.

Your beard blogger recommends The Old Street Baber Co essentials:

Peppermint & Lemon Peel Shave Oil


A very good quality beard oil and is fantastic for both long and short beard lengths (your beard blogger’s beard recently took a dramatic trim so trust us on that). Use sparingly as it a little drop goes a long way. We feel that the Peppermint & Lemon Peel scent is a nice change from the regular scented oils and does make a Dapper Chapper stand out in the beard dominated scene that is out there at the moment.

Price – £20.00

Wooden Beard Comb


The wooden comb; a vital tool that should be included in any Dapper Chapper’s beard grooming kit. Essential for keeping your beard tame and free from knots and also good for distributing beard oils through the beard evenly

Price – £11.99

All products are available from The Old Street Barber Co website.