Ruffians Barbers

By Adam Saturday 23rd Aug, 2014


27 Maiden Lane

Covent Garden



Located just off the central square in Covent Garden, on Maiden Lane is Ruffians, a venue self-labelled as a barber shop. Ruffians are causing quite a stir, they’ve been in town for around 7 months and have already been visited by GQ, Men’s Health and other established titles – so we wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

Ruffians comes to town with a big reputation following their success of the debut outlet in Edinburgh. London, however, can be a little more unforgiving but it doesn’t take long for us to predict that these guys will be fine.

Upon entry you get the Ruffians feel. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the interior design which is current, innovative but still holds on to their traditional barber’s roots. It’s masculine, but well finished. Inside it’s bright, spacious.

It feels like a barbers but achieves a difficult thing by being a hybrid. It’s the kind of place that would be home to a chap straight from Saville Row but also attracts your mate with tattoos and a big beard.

The word Barber can evoke images of a grubby shop on the corner of a high-street, where you pay £6 and you are in and out without saying a word. This place isn’t that. This type of barbering is for Dapper Chappers, gents, blokes, all of us that like the best but can’t be bothered with the fuss.

I like detail. When my jacket was taken I was offered a beer, coffee, water…. & this came back.


Simple but it’s the detail that impresses.

I was introduced to Harry, my barber, a fascinating chap who I could quite easily write a blog on alone. He deservedly gets a mention for putting up with 1001 questions which ultimately helped to mould the review. Here’s Harry:


Harry was modest explaining that the whole Ruffians team work to the same level. During my short visit I learnt about the perfect shave, the difference between hairdressing and barbering, what products to use, how to grow your hair out. Basically I was trying to catch him out but I couldn’t. I then also tried to catch out the PR chap but also failed. My point is that with the Ruffians experience comes a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise from their staff. Ask them a question about male grooming I bet they know the answer.

The interior is also full of quality materials including their own hair and grooming range. The range includes shampoo& conditioners, facial products, styling products and fragrances.


When I left I was told about how Ruffians came to fruition and the owner’s personal frustration of his male experience. I agree with him, it’s quite hard to find a spot for a Dapper Chapper to get a great quality, fuss free trim in a masculine environment. Usually that service comes with a lot of salon-fluff. My message to the owner, well done chap your vision has come true.


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