Where To Go Out – The Crooked Billet

By Adam Tuesday 8th Jul, 2014

The Crooked Billet

14-15 Crooked Billet, Wimbledon

London, SW19 4RQ



Entry by our girl about town, Michelle Connolly @michelllec 

Wimbledon is home to a number of quaint little gems just waiting to be discovered, and the Crooked Billet is one of my favourites. On the far side of the Common from the Village, you’ll find it just up from Cannizaro house nestled between cottages overlooking the green, and it’s definitely worth the walk. The fact that the pub has been standing for over six hundred years is a testament to it!

The moment you walk through the doors a feeling of comfort and warmth floods over you. It’s cozy and full of character, and if you happen to stop in on a weekend afternoon there’s a lot of furry friends around to make your acquaintance – the place is very popular with dog walkers on the common.



As you would hope with your traditional low-beam, red brick exposed traditional local there’s a wealth of soft buttery leather and cushy upholstered armchairs to sink down in to, but don’t forget to look around a little more. You’ll spot some magical photographs by local professional photographer Patrick Steel (@paddysteel) adorning the walls. That may seem like gushing, but if any of you have seen the common on any regular day and try to compare it with the wonderland that exists within those images you’ll know it’s no exaggeration.

The atmosphere throughout is so friendly and comfortable you’ll feel right at home, it’s the perfect place to stop in for a few casual drinks and a bite to eat. Definitely do have some food if you possibly can, they use fresh seasonal produce and having tried quite a selection of the menu I can certainly vouch for the quality. Everything from the pub classics to the Sunday roast selection is top notch, and I’d highly recommend grabbing some friends and one of their board games and sitting together for a fun evening. The desserts are especially decadent and rewarding, including a proper sticky toffee pud.

If all that wasn’t enough, they even do takeaway picnics of most things on the menu, and the delightful staff will even offer you blankets to sit on – yes, they do all that too. In short, this is a flawless lazy Sunday pub, and you’ll almost feel like you’ve earned that roast if you walk from the Village. Perfect.