Whistle Stop Barber Shop

By Alex Noble Thursday 15th Oct, 2015

67, 66 South Bridge, Edinburgh

A short back and sides accompanied by a cocktail seems to be the way to do in Edinburgh right now.

Following the arrival of the barber shop inspired speakeasy, Panda & Sons, the Whistle Stop Barber Shop is, half quirky bar, half pop up Barber shop, on Edinburgh’s South Bridge.

This bar can cater for any type of occasion for you and your fellow chaps, whether it be a jolly night on the town or a casual spot of dinner (fantastic American inspired menu).

Although playing host to a number of beers and wines, it must be said that any man in touch with his feminine side will enjoy the array of colourful cocktails, including their signature drink; the rather ironically named, Pink Bulldog. Don’t worry sir, there’s a bottle of Corona plonked in their to at least save some of your dignity!

Pay them a visit on certain evenings throughout the week and you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone – enjoy a grooming session from the renowned professionals at Ruffians whilst you sip on your drink of choice…be advised not to have too many before you take to the barber’s chair old boy – god forbid you leave with something like tram lines!

So, if you fancy yourself as a chap that’s a little ‘too cool for school,’ then give this place a visit.