5 Things We Want This Week

By Tom Larkin Friday 11th May, 2018

A Day’s March Wool Bomber:

This wonderful and luxurious Milano knit bomber is the ultimate utility piece for your wardrobe and can be dressed up or down with ease. Whether you’re off out on a casual evening with friends or attending an event that doesn’t require a formal jacket, A Day’s March have delivered a versatile and comfortable, gentleman’s gem. 

£140 at ADaysMarch

FIDIR Duffle Bag: There’s a special corner of the world with breathtaking scenery, rugged beauty and magnificent terrain… we call it the Scottish Highlands. FIDIR’s inspiration and design are for the comfort of everyday use, with a durability and versatility that lends itself to use in the great outdoors. I’m in love with FIDIR’s Duffle Bag, it’s built to be as rugged as the Scottish landscape, with durable materials and an earthy colour palette to give a classic look. Featuring a leather base, handles and adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is ideal for any weekend away.

£179 at FIDIR

Rayban Hexagon Sunnglasses: 

What do you get when you cross a circle with a square? The answer; a hexagon. Never have we seen the six sided shape look so elegant as in the form of these epic RayBan sunglasses. We’ve been pretty lucky with the London weather thus far but once you own these glasses, you’ll be praying for the sun to emerge from the clouds, just so you have an excuse to don them. Well played, RayBan, well played.

£127 at Rayban or on board P&O Ships

NEUW Jeans: The name “NEUW” is inspired by the place on Nieuwlandstraat in Brussels, NEUW’s Rebel – Broken Lights are a fantastic mid rise skinny fit jean, there’re lovely colour and a perfect staple item. 

£150 at NEUW Denim

Prévu Twinset: I’ve been keeping a close eye on Prévu Mode De Vie, not because I have always wondered what it actually meant (planned lifestyle in French) if you were busting to know, but because of the founder Jake Hall. Jake has been making waves on the catwalk and fashion industry, the Melrose Avenue Light Ivory Short Twinset is a great summer day outfit.

£110 at Prévu