A Dapper Chapper Wedding – Without the Expense

By Adam Tuesday 28th Jan, 2014

Post by DC writer @philhawkins87

As a Dapper Chapper, the central focus of your life is to look good and be the envy of others in whatever you wear. You don’t need to think about anyone else because, to be honest, if they can’t be bothered then why should you? If anything, it gives you even more opportunity to stand out from the crowd, which is at the crux of all of this in any case. You get to walk down the street with confidence and security that what you’re wearing, while costing a small fortune in some cases is a decent collection of material and thread and you are, as Charlie Sheen poetically once put it “winning”.

But, and it’s a big but there will inevitably come a time in your life when you decide to put a ring on someone’s finger to secure their companionship for the foreseeable future. To quote another influential  21st century figure, Beyonce wasn’t wrong when she told us “if you like it then you better put a ring on it”.  And so comes the question of fashion. You’re ok, you’ve got style and you know the kind of thing you want to wear so there’s no need to worry. And while there are a few things to think about including colour schemes and big white dresses, it’s highly likely that whatever you decide to wear you are going to look great. Really great. So where does the but come in?


While some of your ushers will be close friends with similar views on style, you will also need to factor in the brothers of the bride and remember it’s expected you dress the dads as well. All of these important people will be extensions of your style on the day and should they look bad, you look bad. So what are your options, especially considering this is fast becoming the most expensive day of your life and while you love the idea, you really can’t start kitting everyone out in Paul Smith and co. Option one is the hire route; cue Moss Bros. The fashion conscious male’s nightmare. Providers of the worst fitting suits for ridiculous amounts of money. Granted you’ll all look smart and traditional but will you look a ‘Dapper Chapper’? The answer is plain and simple. No one can look dapper wearing a suit that has been on the rail for the last ten years and worn over and over every weekend making bundles of money (£1k + for 7 suits) for a company who wouldn’t know style if Vivienne Westwood ingested a Thomas Pink Shirt and threw it up all over them.  Moss Bros are anti-dapper (new term) and should be avoided at all costs. There, I said it.


I think you’ll be catching my drift that it is all going to be about Option two…aka the clever option. If you consider that your average suit hire company will be looking to fleece you out of over £150 per suit, you can quickly realise that there is a high chance that you could actually kit out your groomsmen in suits that they will be able to keep once the big day is done. Treating the January Sales as your best friend is the most important decision you will ever make in styling your wedding, and if you’re very fortunate and act quickly you’ll be ‘doing a Charlie Sheen’ once more. Use the Christmas period to gather sizes and shapes of the men in your life so when the day comes you can click and buy without worry that the sizes will soon sell out as you wait for your Dad to work out how to open your text message requesting his inside leg. Depending on your budget will depend on where you shop around, but the majority of retailers from low to high will have suit options reduced for you to swoop in, hawk like as you grab a deal.  I went with BHS, the lesser mans Marks and a brand you are unlikely to find spoken about again on Dapper Chapper, however the Jack Reid range of tailored suits will look high end Savile Row in comparison to the dross of Moss Bros.  Check out this for the evidence that while it might not be Brooks Brothers, add in a tie, shirt and a stylish pair of shoes and you’ll soon have nothing to fear that one of the groomsmen wears Velcro trainers on nights out.

Heres’s the Navy Tonic option I opted for:http://www.bhs.co.uk/en/bhuk/product/navy-tonic-suit-jacket-1060934



To take it up one notch further, let’s talk collar bars, as they have done previously here : http://www.fashionbeans.com/2012/finishing-touches-the-lapel-pin-collar-bar/



Collar bars remain a very stylish addition to any look, and perfect for a wedding day where you really want to stand out. Both you as the groom and your ushers will have that one extra accessory that no one else will, lifting you to new found levels of dapper. Granted they’re a bit of a faff and you will need to factor into your shirt buying either one with eyelets already made, or getting them tailored in at an extra cost, but it’s well worth it, and a simple way to compliment the colours of the day. Accessories are key to finishing a great look so make sure you’ve got the simple things done right. Socks, belts, shoes, ties, they all need to be factored in but with the money you saved not hiring.. you can do anything.

So here’s a simple check list to help you for your big day:


  1. Ushers are an extension of you. They look good, you look good.
  2. Avoid Moss Bros like the plague
  3. Use and abuse the January Sales
  4. Accessorise
  5. Don’t where a white suit. Under any circumstance.

Overall, remember that while the bride is wearing a dress she will only ever wear once, you’re getting a great end of the bargain in this situation as both you and your groomsmen will have suits and style that will last forever. Uh  Duh. Winning.

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