A Dapper Chapper Whisky That Won’t Break The Bank

By Adam Friday 14th Aug, 2015

We all remember it – that first time you snuck into the ‘smart’ dining room, unlocked your parent’s drinks cabinet and grabbed that dark, mysterious looking bottle that said ‘Whisky’ on it and decided to find out what all the fuss was about.

You’ve watched your father, slippers on, reclined in his lounge chair sipping on whisky, looking like every sip produces a feeling of pure ecstasy. However, there’s one thing that’s for sure – that whisky your old man was sipping on will be strong…..very strong. And also probably not suited to the uncultured taste buds of someone sampling whisky for the first time (over 18 of course).

And that is where this relatively new offering from the famous William Grant & Sons brand comes in. We’re told this new blended Scotch whisky is aimed at a younger audience. Those who are looking to discover more of the drinks market and expand their whisky repertoire.

They are clearly trying to grab a part of the 18-25 market, offering them up a whisky from a well known brand that they can trust, that tastes good and doesn’t break the bank.

Oliver Dixon of First Drinks commented on the new blend, “Whilst its provenance is a safe, credible brand, Grant’s Signature extends its appeal to whisky enthusiasts who are discovering the category and looking to enjoy whisky with friends on social occasions.

And it’s with that stated aim in mind that we’ve gone into this review. As an introduction to the whisky market, this drink hits all the right notes. It looks good in the bottle, it is more than affordable at £18.49 a bottle and we have to be honest, it actually tastes pretty good.

Given that this is a blended whisky, they are able to be a little more selective about the tasting notes. When sipping this whisky, there can be no denying that the dominant flavours are caramel and biscuit, with a strong malty taste. It almost tastes like the caramelised biscuits you get with your tea or coffee at certain hairdressers.

There is no overwhelming strong aftertaste and you can tell that there is definitely a high level of quality in both the ingredients used and in the actual production process.

This is a blended whisky that does exactly what it sets out to do, making whisky more appealing to a wider range of drinkers. While it may not satisfy a whisky connoisseur who has a taste for the finest things in life, it is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of whisky for those who haven’t had the pleasure of trying it before.

So, while we’d normally recommend some form of cocktail for you to try our reviewed drinks in, on this occasion we’re going to keep it simple and encourage you to try this one neat – to really appreciate the caramel biscuit taste that may well be the next generation’s first experience of whisky.

Grant’s Signature Whisky is available for a price of £18.50