By Neil Brotherston Thursday 1st Jan, 2015

As far as unique selling points go, Babicka vodka have certainly got one of the more unique and interesting ones. – Who’s keen for an old Czech “Witches Brew”.

Yep, that’s right, this vodka is based on the old recipes for a 500 year old Witches brew. It’s inspired by 16th century wise old women called ‘Babickas’ who were renowned for using wormwood in their potions, which were famous for their mystical healing powers.

Wormwood is a woody shrub, which provides an instantly recognisable bitter & aromatic taste that has been used in medicine for centuries for its apparent healing qualities.

Babicka (pronounced Ba-bitch-ka) is a mystical blend of premium vodka distilled with three all important ingredients – Thujone extracted from wormwood, Moravian corn and spring water taken from a deep 10,000 year old spring near the city of Prostejov. And it certainly produces a very interesting and enjoyable vodka.

Once you get past the fact that you are in effect drinking a spirit steeped in witchcraft heritage, with ingredients traditionally used in witchcraft, you quickly realise that there was a reason that wormwood was so popular with witches – it offers a truly unique flavour, and if the witches are to be believed can help heal you. Indeed, Babicka has been recognised for it’s quality having been the Winner of the Vodka Masters Super Premium category at the Spirit Business Awards 2012. That says it all – Super Premium. This wormwood witches brew backstory is no marketing gimmick – it really does produce fantastic vodka.

So what does this potion actually taste like? As you might expect from something derived from an old witches brew, there are very strong herbal elements to it. But what is instantly recognisable is just how smooth this vodka is. It slips down the throat incredibly easy, with the combination of herbal notes, rich vanilla and an ever so slight aniseed flavour making it a joy to drink.

For something a little bit different to the traditional vodkas on the market, we can highly recommend this vodka.

Now all that’s left for us to do is recommend a Babicka potion for you to conjour up yourself.

Babicka 2

Babicka Sour Ingredients

  • 60ml Babicka Vodka
  • 25ml Grapefruit Juice
  • 10ml Yellow Chartreuse
  • 5ml Gomme
  • 20ml Egg White


Add all ingredients and dry shake.

Serve in a coupette glass.

Babicka vodka is available from Harvey Nichols and the, priced at £35 per bottle