Dapper Chapper Picks… the top 5 clocks under £100

By Robert Etheridge Monday 29th Feb, 2016

Time… there never seems to be enough of it, especially when so much of the day is taken up with emails/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/repeat. While time passes with frightening speed, it does also lend itself beautifully to illustration and as an optimistic nudge to having an extra 24 hours this year we’ve picked five of the best timepieces for your home.

1. Byshop Aperture Clock, Lemon – £39.00


The Byshop Aperture clock has 12 lozenge shapes cut through its dial, creating an interesting shadow effect. Yellow is on-trend but it is available in a number of other colours and it manages to be original and fun but still a bit sophisticated.


2. Newgate Bullitt Wall Clock – £60


The Bullitt may be shaped rather like a lemon (okay I know the clue is in the name) but if you’re looking for a statement retro clock, then a lemon it ain’t. With heaps of vintage charm the Bullitt deserves a fairly large, uncluttered wall to strut its stuff although it is also available as a freestanding alarm clock.


3. Byshop Primary Divide Clock – £69


byshop 2

A numberless number, the Byshop Divide uses six lines to map the 12 point dial giving an elegant ‘spoke’ effect to its wooden face, while the silent quartz mechanism will ensure it is seen and admired but not heard.


4. Lascelles Personalised Black Station Clock – £79.50



Thoroughly vintage and almost half a metre in diameter, this clock harks back to the age of steam with a distinctive Victorian waiting room look. Make the most of the personalisation option to freeze your chosen words in time.


5. Heal’s Solid Copper Wall Clock – £89


With no signs that the copper obsession might be abating, the numberless Heal’s Copper Wall Clock is a natural final entry to our quintet. Inspired by the saucepans of Italian kitchens, it’s a surefire way to add a splash of Mediterranean snazz to your wall.