By Adam Friday 28th Aug, 2015

The Dapper Chapper is always on the hunt for impressive gentlemen’s timepieces. We’ve recently featured affordable brands for chaps and now we want to draw a mid-range brand that has been brought to our attention that goes by the name of FORTIS.

The brand story is really rather charming. FORTIS are one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers, crafting since 1912 and operate of our a production studio situated at the foot of the Jura Mountains in out of the small Swiss village of Grenchen. The brands pioneer, Walter Vogt, saw that wristwatches were quickly becoming the world trend. Equipped with his newly built factory, his vision was to produce reliable, top quality wristwatches for the international market. See, charming:

Life moved quickly in the 1920s which demanded a new era of time management and thus the world’s first mass-produced automatic wristwatch was actually created by FORTIS by the name of HARWOOD following a collaboration with British inventor John Harwood.

Without telling you his whole life story, we’ll forward to 1987. After a number of risky but successful experiments with 200m water resistant plastic watches in the 60s, FORTIS found its way back to its roots focussing on watches for the aviation industry. The watches became award winning and the brand continued to innovate in their breaking a number of world records along the way. I’m moving on to the products now but if you’re suitably charmed and want to read more, click here.

DC has actually teamed up with Page and Cooper, another one of our new friends, who act as the exclusive dealers for Fortis watches and together we want to show you the new Terrestis range:


So how can you get your hands on one of these beauties Competition?

Page and Cooper who are the official FORTIS UK watch supplier are currently running a competition to win a brand new FORTIS Terrestis 19Fortis watch worth over £1,000. Based on an original 1930’s design and made in the very same factory some 80 years later, it is a true celebration of more than a hundred years of innovation and achievement.

Runners up will receive a pair of stylish FORTIS Watch Crown cufflinks, which will also be included with any FORTIS Terrestis purchase from Page and Cooper during August. Any FORTIS Cosmonaut purchase will also receive the latest Genuine Mission Space Patches from the European Space Agency.

To enter the competition follow this link