Elliot Rhodes Belts

By Adam Monday 22nd Feb, 2016

Elliot Rhodes got in touch with us earlier in the year to teach us a little bit more about their offering of belts. The store is located right by Covent Garden station on Long Acre Road, perfect for Dapper Chappers working out of our Hospital Club HQ, and, as you’d expect is a store packed full of belts. The also have stores in St Christopher’s Place and Duke of York Square (Chelsea).

Over the last nine years, the brand has worked to produce an offering of 500 leather belt straps and 800 buckles – so there’s plenty of choice. They create a wide range of luxury belts that are all custom-fitted depending on your personal taste. All of the belts are made exclusively in Italy and Spain by skilled craftsmen using traditional belt-making techniques and you can tell, this is some high quality leather.

What is unique to their offer is the interchangeable system that gives customers the freedom to effectivity build their own buckle giving a more personalised touch. The buckles are designed in-house and sourced globally from a selection of skilled makers from Italy, France, the UK and USA and are created using a variety of materials including gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and a variety of semi-precious collectibles. Buckle making remains a highly artisanal trade, with original designs still sculpted by hand in wax and the more ornate buckles having enamels, crystals and special finishes applied by hand, giving each buckle its own innate character and individuality.

For those more adventurous they also design an extensive collection of exotic skin belts in genuine crocodile, alligator, caiman, stingray, ostrich, sharkskin and python, all of which are available in both classic and contemporary colours and textures.

On top of the belts, Elliot Rhodes also produce a collection of leather accessories for everyday living including belt storage boxes, passport covers, purses, wallets and card holders. As with the belts, all of these come in a delicious palette of colours to suit different styles. As you’d expect with a luxury product, the belts, buckles and accessories come beautifully packaged in a nice looking presentation boxes and gift bag.

After visiting the store, it’s quick to see that it doesn’t take long to find the section of belts that best fits your style. The section I was most interested in where straps with discreet interesting detail accompanied by a small, simple silver buckle. Here’s the one we picked:

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