Dapper Chapper Tries: Ministry Does Fitness

By Tom Dowler Saturday 17th Jun, 2017

On a recent Friday morning, I hauled myself out of bed at an ungodly hour and made my way to Ministry Does Fitness for the 6:45 am showcase class. I was promised banging beats and an epic workout, and I was not disappointed.

Ministry of Fitness is a smart, boutique gym under the Arches near Elephant and Castle. They offer a variety of classes, but their ‘showcase’ class is the pinnacle of their offering. It’s a testing combination of HIIT, cardio and weight training.

We warmed up and got the heart rate up, before being briefed on our seven stations. Work for 50 seconds, with a 30 second rest in between including: Treadmill sprints, chest press to standing shoulder press, TRX superman, bungee cord sprints, weighted lunges, med ball slam burpees and kettlebell swings interchanged with goblet squats.  This rotation was one set; we did two sets and then modified the exercises to mix things up.

You work in small groups, with the excellent trainers motivating you throughout while you’re treated to a fantastic playlist to power you through some tough sets.

It all seemed simple enough; I picked the heaviest weights I could muster on the first rotation as I was feeling confident. However, I very quickly realised that this class should not be taken lightly. As my heart rate rocketed and sweat drenched me, I realised that this was the shock I needed to wake me up on a Friday morning.

The stations were set up well so that you’re not overworking one muscle group and the variety of exercises kept things interesting. The track in the gym mad the bungee cord sprint an exciting challenge, sprinting out to a cone, touching the ground and rushing back as many times as possible.


The beauty of these classes is that you can push yourself as hard as you can, so it works for any fitness levels or abilities.  Ultimately, the harder you push, the more you get out of the workout.

After the first two rotations we were rewarded with a 90 second rest, which was gratefully received by all. As I sucked in as much oxygen as possible, I prepared for the final two sets.  We changed things up a bit: treadmill sprint, lateral raises, TRX pike, bungee cord bunny hop, man makers, med ball v sits and kettlebell press and squats.

I have to say the man makers absolutely ruined me – into the press up position – row, push up, row, burpee to shoulder press and repeat. An incredible burn and a real test for your mental strength when you were blowing!

The buzzer went after the final round and we began our cool down and gentle stretching, knowing we’d all achieved something before most commuters had even left the house – a great feeling.

Ministry Does Fitness is a great set up with a bar and smart, but simple changing facilitates. You can do an unlimited introductory week (excluding  Fat Buddha Yoga) for just £20. Classes start from £14 a session, or you can buy packages of classes 12 for £120, 20 for £220 or 50 for £500.

For more information visit their website: http://www.ministrydoesfitness.com/packages/