Dapper Chapper Tries… BLOK-Fit

By Tom Dowler Monday 7th Nov, 2016

BLOK is a fitness space in Clapton, London,  located in a very stylish refurbished Victorian tram depot. It’s a boutique gym with two studios, full of original characterful features: exposed brick, vaulted concrete ceilings and cast iron pillars. The Dapper Chapper received an invite to attend their iconic BLOK-fit class and I leapt at the chance to try a new workout in a cool new environment.

On arrival I was welcomed and directed to the smart changing rooms with underfloor heating and I got ready for the workout ahead.

Our instructor, Dom, welcomed a group of 15 of us into Studio 1 and we began with a light warm up to get the blood pumping. A light jog, a few squat jumps, high knees, burpees, push ups and we were ready to go.

Dom set up a series of stations; we were tasked to work on each one for the length of time it took one of our peers to complete 30 sit ups. Sounds OK, as long as our colleagues didn’t take ages to crunch their way to the end of each set!

We were challenged with a series of dynamic stations: battle ropes, freestyle boxing, wall ball throws, squat jumps into press ups, weighted step ups among others; a great balance of core, bodyweight work and resistance training.

Folllowing each circuit Dom would say: ‘My friend here thinks we’re not pushing hard enough. So I want to see everyone do ten burpees!’ Just as we were gasping for air and resting in-between sets, we’d be asked to do more. No complaining, everyone cracked on with it.

We did three circuits of the stations and ended with a warm down which included some dynamic stretching, followed by some challenging core exercises.

The room studio is quite small so we worked up a real sweat as a group. At the end I felt like I’d tested myself in a different way. I’m not usually one for classes, but this felt like a fantastic workout, combining HIIT with some tough core exercises.

This is an ideal type of workout for anyone looking to improve their overall level of fitness and anyone looking to lose body fat. The BLOK classes are challenging, scalable and accessible for all levels of fitness.

It’s refreshing not to be surrounded by muscle heads doing preacher curls in ceiling high mirrors with garish dance music playing. You will be welcomed by a friendly, committed group of guys and girls who are there for two reasons; to sweat and work hard!

There are a few nice added touches:  did I mention the underfloor heating in the changing rooms? Plus, there’s an art installation in the hallways and BLOK use luxury Bamford products in the showers.

Classes cost £14 for a one off, or you can buy a range of packages including 10 sessions for £120 or a 30 day unlimited trial for £100.

The gym also offers a variety of yoga, ballet and other HIIT classes. For more information check out www.bloklondon.com you won’t regret it!