Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

By Adam Friday 6th Mar, 2015

The buzz surrounding coconut oil has been building for a while, and it seemed like everyone has been talking about it.

Before you pass it off as just another fad, let Dapper Chapper introduce you to Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, and you will start to wonder how you lived without it.


If we listed all of the benefits then we would most likely be here all day so we are going to bring you the highlights:

  • Coconut Oil is a great source of energy, so if you need a lift, it can be added to your morning coffee, smoothie or post-workout shake.
  • Long used by athletes and sports enthusiasts as it is not only a pre workout energy lift it can also be used as a post-workout muscle recovery booster.
  • It speeds up metabolism! So is a great aid to weight loss.
  • Aids digestion and Nutrient absorption
  • It is a great alternative to cooking oil as it helps lower cholesterol and has a higher smoke point that other oils so maintains its goodness.
  • Also really effective if used as a grooming product such as moisturiser or shaving cream.

So why Lucy Bee?

Lucy Bee is a family based company from the UK. Their coconut oil is imported from the Philippines, and is not only fair trade, but also extra virgin, organic and raw pressed. Their website is also full of great health and fitness tips.

We can’t get enough of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and once you have tried it, neither will you.