Cool Fitness Classes in London

By Tom Dowler Friday 26th Aug, 2016

Inspired by the heroics of Team GB in Rio I signed up to the Nike Unlimited You experience at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London last Saturday

I joined 100 bleary-eyed but exited fitness fanatics at 8am on Saturday for a fitness class with a difference – a Kobox boxing class, followed by an intense Nike + Run Club treadmill class, with DJs playing an epic original soundtrack by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip.

Presented with the latest pair of Nike Lunarepic low fly knit trainers (for trial only sadly) and an Unlimited You t-shirt, I laced up, warmed up and joined Nike ambassadors for our warm up.

Nike Lunarepic low flyknit

Afterwards, we were taken through to a room with boxing bags dangling from the ceiling with a boxing ring in the centre of the room. This was my first boxing class, so the first round was a case of learning the basic moves – jabs, hooks, uppercuts and how to mimic avoiding a punch and associating those actions with the numbers our encouraging Irish trainer barked out in-between DJ sets.

The rounds came faster and got progressively harder. Boxing is an incredible cardiovascular workout; it improves your coordination, burns fat and makes you feel like an absolute champion, read to take on the heavyweight champion of the world.

Nike Unlimited You Kobox

As the intensity kicked up several notches, the music blared louder and flurries of combinations flew in. I loved it, but I was tiring at the end of the furiously-paced rounds.

When our Irish trainer called time on the final round I could suck in some deep breaths and wipe myself down with a towel. I’d never been so sweaty in my life, and I was only half way through my planned morning’s activity. It felt amazing.

I moved through to the next stage of the process and was greeted by a horde of buzzing Nike ambassadors and another amazing looking space, packed with treadmills and with a live orchestra ready to inspire us to new limits. A Barry’s Bootcamp class took place directly opposite us, so we were going to work together and against each other in our separate sessions.

As the Nike + Run Club warmed up on the treadmill, the ambassadors and coaches told us that we’d push ourselves to new limits, and in the moment you genuinely buy into that positivity.

The session was split between intervals, gradients and a mixture of the two. You were instructed to find your base pace and then sprint at key points for 30 seconds at a time or dramatically increase gradients at a slower pace. As with the Kobox boxing, it felt comfortable to start with, but as the intensity of the workout, Hot Chip tracks and live orchestra combined, I really felt like I couldn’t ease off and I pushed myself as hard as I could.

The final sprint session was on a very steep gradient with a very intense soundtrack from the DJ and live orchestra in unison. After a final lung-busting effort, one of the Nike coaches brought the session to a close and we began our warm down. We all paused for a much needed rest and began to stretch, reflecting on our combined efforts, while soothed by the incredible orchestra.

Nike Unlimited you workout

I joined a friend for a few photos in front of some shameless Nike Unlimited You branding and reluctantly returned my loaned pair of Nike Lunarepic low fly knit trainers that were an absolute delight, both on the treadmill and in the boxing class. Given my serious endorphin high, if there had been a shop with a discount on site for participants, I think I would have purchased a pair. One for Nike to consider for future events.

However, we were rewarded with a shake with almond milk, chocolate whey protein and berries and some protein pancakes with coconut nut butter to restore our glycogen levels and start the recovery process.

Keep an eye out for the Nike Run Club, Track Mafia events and other Unlimited You events. Nike have created some amazing events in major cities worldwide. If you see any other events pop up, I’d highly recommend grabbing a mate and going as it’s a great workout and something out of the ordinary. The coaches and ambassadors are fantastic and there are even a few nice freebies to make the hard work even more worthwhile.