What to Wear to the Gym

By Alex Noble Monday 19th Feb, 2018

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed an absolute boom in athleisure style. It’s been showcased on many a runway, featured in a hoard of street style looks and even been fused with tailoring; and you know what, it’s been refreshing.

It’s important to undo that top button, roll up those sleeves and and have a dapper day off from time to time…And the great thing is, relaxing doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

The only issue is due to running trainers, tracksuit zipper tops and tapered sweatpants all being rather in vogue right now, dressing for the gym can get a little complex, as many of us will witness a crossover between training and everyday gear.

But that’s a problem you’ll have to solve for yourself – I’m here to point you in the right direction in terms of gym apparel.

So what to wear to the gym?

Question; how much time do you take to plan your gym kit in comparison to an interview outfit? If there’s barely any difference in time then sir, you need to get your priorities straight!

However, what I will say is if you’re going to bust a gut in the gym and sweat out those cals, why not do it, knowing you look rather t-rendy?

Due to the vast selection of sports wear around, it’s never been easier to hit the treadmill or weights room, looking chic and stylish…

H&M Sport

When it comes to the high street, these guys are one of your go-to’s for gym gear. They don’t bother with vibrant colours and mega logos; instead they keep things simple and subtle, but in a way that shouts I’m here to get shit done, but look good doing it.

Their hooded sports top offers a nice fit to the body, hugging the frame in areas you’d like, without making you look like you’re trying to impersonate big Arnie! This tops also got a handy little chest pocket, where you can store your phone if you’re wanting to count those cals!


This is a brand we’ve been fond of for rather a long time! Their products are extremely well-fitted and feel sensational on, so chappers, you’ll look forward to the gym just so you can don some of their epic garms.

What’s more, the fantastic look and cut of the products mean you’ll be striding to the gym with confidence. Look good, train good.

Their chill motion pullover is the one. It looks great, feels great and well, I’ve been living in it during the day and dreaming of so so at night. 


Now to the nitty gritty – when you’re actually pumping iron and sculpting that beach rig for the summer, you need something that’s lightweight, non-restrictive and sharp on the eye.

This Active Performance T-Shirt from M&S is certainly up to the task. It’s moisture-wicking technology ensures the top stays dry even in the most gruelling of workouts and the reflective trip means it’s a solid base layer for running early in the morning or late at night. Think you’ll also agree it looks pretty good!


Sweatpants are gym and chill essentials – they’re just so god damn versatile, and perhaps it’s more vital with this item than any other, to make sure it’s gym-appropriate and look good on.

With that in mind, I suggest the Men’s UA Sportstyle Pique Trousers from UnderArmour. Their next to skin fit provides comfort without restrictiveness and whilst the sweat-wicking material ensures they aren’t going to get damn on you. The tapered finish means they look extra sleek and could be paired with lots on top to offer a strong, athleisure look.

New Balance

Their Minimus 40 trainer is the best shoe for looking stylish in the gym. It’s an all-round gym trainer that has cushion for running and support for lifting, and will be a solid partner through your training endeavours.

I think you’ll agree, that donning these will be a stride of pride en route to the gym.