Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky

By Neil Brotherston Wednesday 24th Jun, 2015

If there is one man who by his very nature deserves to be on The Dapper Chapper, then it’s Mr David Beckham. A man so effortlessly cool that he can wear a sarong and get away with it. A guy so stylish and revered by the British public that brands will literally break the bank to have him wearing their clothes. A chap who breaks down the barrier of gender, appealing to both male and female consumers.

David Beckham truly is a Dapper Chapper in the truest sense of the word. So imagine our excitement when we heard that one of our favourite dapper chaps to ever grace this planet was trying his hand at one of our favourite things on the planet – whisky.

Now we’ve reviewed our fair share of whisky’s here at the Dapper Chapper – but we haven’t reviewed many single grain offerings. Traditionally single grain whiskies get a bit of a rough ride among alcohol connoisseurs – they’re seen as the shabbier little brother of their malt whisky siblings. So we were praying that Haig Club would continue the recent trend of high quality single grain whiskies that are beginning to buck the trend.

Hailing from the world famous Diageo, we had high hopes for this particular serve. Crafted at Scotland’s oldest grain whisky distillery – Cameronbridge in Fife – HAIG CLUB™ is built on heritage but designed for the modern world. The House of Haig can trace its whisky producing roots back to the seventeenth century, making the Haig family Scotland’s oldest grain whisky dynasty.

The first thing you notice about Haig Club whisky is the distinctive bottle. We can only imagine that it was intended to replicate a hip flask, but can’t help but initially think that it looks a little like a bottle of cologne – especially since David Beckham is endorsing it. But once you actually look at the bottle and feel it’s quality, you realise that it really is a great piece of craftsmanship that accurately depicts the stylish nature of the Haig Club brand.  It’s a look that we thoroughly approve of – there’s no denying that it’s an attention grabber on any bar.

And so to the taste – does this single grain whisky actually match all the fanfare surrounding its launch and big name backer. Well, the short answer is yes. All it takes is one look at all the high-end London bars that have stocked this drink to know that it must have something to offer the market.

The whisky itself when taken neat has a pleasant and very light quality to it. There is a dry oaky flavour to it, which is immediately over taken by an unmistakable vanilla and butterscotch hit. As a whisky on the rocks, this leads to a very pleasant and easy to drink Scotch whisky.

However, it is when it’s incorporated into some of the Haig Club’s signature cocktails that this drink really comes into its own. And our favourite of the bunch is the Haig Clubman – a simple, yet delicious combination of Haig Club, apple soda and ginger.

Haig Clubman

haig 4


50ml Haig Club™,

35ml sparkling apple soda

6 dashes ginger bitters

Method:Combine the ingredients together in a whisky tumbler over cracked ice and garnish with a stem of ginger to finish.


Now to finish off this review, we feel it’s only right for you all to watch the very stylish and incredibly well directed Haig Club video – if only because it harks back to my mother land and shows Scotland at its finest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaMuQPmzrrU

Haig Club is available to purchase online from The Whisky Exchange for a web exclusive price of £44.95