The Affordable Art Fair

By Michelle Connolly Friday 19th May, 2017

When creating a home, after the obvious pieces of furniture and the colour of the paint, our next thought is usually – what can I put on that wall?

While there can be some nice prints to be found in the mainstream stores, sometimes you crave something more original, a piece nobody else can just pick up from IKEA of a Sunday.

We headed down to check out the Affordable Art Fair while it was in Hampstead recently and were blown away by the talent and diversity of the artists there. Essentially, a number of galleries are invited to participate in a huge show, each with a space to show off the artists on their roster and their style. Everything there is for sale, as well as catalogues with additional pieces that haven’t been brought to the show itself.

The beauty is that these pieces are totally original artworks, each created by the artists themselves – they tell a story. And the range of styles is so immense that I would challenge anyone to walk out having not seen something they would love in their home.

The AAF takes place several times a year all over London, with over 1,000 artists and 113 galleries usually taking part. Battersea sees the show twice a year in Spring and Autumn, and Hampstead once a year. Bristolians can also enjoy the fair, and it tours worldwide in the other months. However if you’re not able to make it down, they host a brand new a ‘digital fair experience’ via the online platform. It’s ideal if you’re not used to dealing with galleries and want a more ‘official’ space to browse and buy in. Plus, for anyone worried about a mail order romance with something as tactile and personal as art, purchased works will be delivered to the customer’s door with a 14 day trial period which means they can be sure the art suits their space perfectly before making that big commitment.

We picked up a smashing Ben Eine piece for our new place, but there were easily half a dozen more I would have loved to walk away with – and even if you choose not to buy, it’s a great evening out looking at a spread of artwork and enjoying a glass of wine with. Catch the next one in Battersea from 18th-22nd October this year, or head online to to see what’s available right now.