Hu2 Design Animal Wall-Art

By Robert Etheridge Monday 9th May, 2016

I have always been a firm believer that great design can change a life. Whether it’s a beautifully-designed bathroom that gives someone independence, a paint colour that lifts your mood or stylish recycled glassware that started life as old shards of glass, there’s no arguing with the fact that thoughtful design has the power to make our world better.

The statistics show that for endangered animals in the wild, something needs to change their world for the better. With some populations of rhinos, tigers and elephants plummeting by as much as 95% as a result of poaching, these majestic and vital creatures could disappear in just a few decades.

The award-winning design studio Hu2 Design has used this as inspiration for its respectful animal trophies, created in collaboration with the Born Free Foundation, a project which combines beautiful art with action against the poor treatment of endangered species.


The new range is inspired by nature’s raw beauty, featuring four unique wooden wall art pieces, the Respectful Elephant, Rhino, Tiger and Lion Trophy. Created by French artist and designer Antoine Tes-Ted, the new collection stays true to Hu2’s philosophy of delivering sustainable, thought-provoking art.

An elegant focal point, with a powerful message


Born Free’s emergency teams take action to save the lives of vulnerable animals which are given lifetime care in spacious bush sanctuaries, and a donation from each piece sold is made to help the project.


Each unique trophy is a means of bringing nature into your home ethically and will create an elegant focal point to your space with a powerful message.

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