By Neil Brotherston Saturday 25th Oct, 2014

You think of Spiced Rum and no doubt the names that immediately pop into your head are Captain Morgan’s and Sailor Jerry’s. That’s because this is a market where these two have almost become bullies, smashing other entries with their massive marketing budgets, instantly recognisable brands and strong shelf presence throughout the UK.

Well now Kraken has come along presenting the strongest challenge yet to the monopoly that has engulfed the spiced rum market. This one ticks the boxes on many levels – strong branding, great taste and the bottle is about as eye-catching as they come.

Legend has it that a ship carrying the largest ever shipment of Black Rum from the Caribbean Islands inexplicably didn’t reach its destination. There were many rumours about what happened, but perhaps the most popular was that one of the oceans most feared creatures, The Kraken, dragging the ship and its entire crew deep down into the depths of the ocean to their deaths. Slowly, the barrels of Rum began washing up on shore – and thus the rum was named after the fearful creature as a mark of respect.

kraken 4

And it is not just in it’s mythical past that this Rum has a connection to the Kraken beast. It’s colour is intentionally darker than other spiced rums, mirroring the dark colour of the Kraken’s ink. It is distilled in pot stills on the Virgin islands and is fermented from naturally sweet molasses. Once fermented, the rum is aged in Oak Barrels for anything between 12 and 24 months before being blended with a range of secret spices to create the distinctive spiced flavor that Kraken has become renowned for.

Kraken 1


So what does this incredibly dark looking Rum actually taste like? Well, we’re delighted to tell you that it doesn’t disappoint. For a rum with such distinctive and bold branding you might expect an incredibly aggressive and very strong flavour. However, this is not the case, with Kraken offering a smooth and distinctively spiced rum, that lasts long in the mouth. A combination of black cherry, cinnamon and a slight tinge of liquorice come together to create a very distinctive, yet smooth flavour.

While the Kraken may have struck fear through the sailors of the 18th and 19th centuries, there is no need to be scared of this particular Kraken.

So to fully appreciate the flavour profile of The Kraken, we’ve kept our cocktail suggestion simple: The Kraken & Cola – Yes it might be a little cliché, but it really is the best way to get the most of the wonderful flavours Kraken offers:

Kraken 3


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