London Spots: The Faltering Fullback

By Adam Friday 27th Jun, 2014

The Faltering Fullback

19 Perth Rd, London N4 3HB

020 7272 5834

entry by Michelle Connolly follow @michelllec 

Hidden behind an admittedly pretty facade on an unassuming street in Finsbury Park is one of the most beautiful beer gardens in London. Trust me. You’ll have some doubt as you wander looking for it – and possibly again when you go inside the pub, it’s a very traditional seeming place – but persevere through to the garden out the back and your fears will be immediately dispelled. It’s like another world. Three tiers of cascading foliage stretch above you, punctuated with rich jewel-coloured flowers all over. It’s actually breathtaking.

Pick your way through until you can find a seat and drink it all in (the view, not the drink) and then make your way to the bar. Best to do it this way round rather than do the rounds waiting to pounce on a spot with a full drink in your hand, although you might have a fight on your hands for seats at busy times. Part of the charm is the close proximity with the other punters, the crowd there are usually very friendly, and happy to chat away.

Inside the Fullback has its charm too, from the ceiling of the main bar dangle random objects from guitars to bicycles, and there’s the mandatory bookshelf too. Staff are friendly, quick, and make you feel right at home, even though this is most certainly a very local place. Not recommended for anyone that can’t handle a little bit of friendly jostling when it’s busy, it’s not exactly precious here, but it’s definitely got character. If you’re peckish it does a delicious Thai menu – wait ’til you smell some wafting past your nose and try to resist.


However the main draw is absolutely the stunning garden. On a sunny day, with a cool drink sparkling in your hand, looking out over the ledges of flowers and leaves I doubt there’s any place you would rather be.